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Feifan R7 2022.

Feifan R7 2022.

Feifan R7 2022.

Feifan Motors has published the official photos of the new crossover R7: the exact date of sales start was named.

Recently official images of the first flagship model of concern Feifan Motors — urban crossover R7 2022 have appeared in the global network.

Judging by the submitted photos, the exterior of the car is very aesthetic: with closed front end, flat through-type headlights and a «floating» roof design.

However, although the novelty is positioned as a pure electric parkette, sporty fastback-style body will make many motorists take it for a coupe model.

And the exterior is very confusing with its original silhouette.

In fact, the Feifan R7 shows with all its appearance that an experienced designer has worked on it.

Feifan R7 2022.

This is Martin Kropp, who led the development of Volkswagen SS of the first generation.

This model at one time had the title of «the most beautiful VW. Currently, Kropp is the chief designer of the Feifan brand.

The new R7 has dimensions of 4900x1925x1655 mm and wheelbase of 2950 mm.

Feifan R7 2022.

The interior space is quite spacious and sufficient even for long distance driving.

The Feifan R7 has a total of 5 versions of the model. In terms of intelligence, in addition to lidar support for high-end intelligent assisted driving, the car will also be equipped with battery replacement technology, becoming the second brand after Weilai with this feature.

Feifan R7 2022.

At a later date, with the improved construction of the charging station network, the Feifan R7’s energy replenishment system will also be more advanced.

As for the power system, the Feifan R7 has two different configurations: a dual-motor, all-wheel drive version with 150 kW (203 hp) at the front and 250 kW (339 hp) at the rear.

Feifan R7 2022.

The peak output in this case reaches 400 kW (453 hp) and the maximum torque is 700 N*m. This will allow the Feifan R7 to easily enter the «Accelerated 4s Club».

That said, don’t underestimate the 250 kW (339 hp) single-drive version, whose capabilities are also impressive.

It is reported that official collection of pre-orders for the novelty will start on February 22nd.

At the same time the first production car has already rolled off the assembly line on March 21, so the model will be available very soon.


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