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Fenyr SuperSport.

Fenyr SuperSport.

Fenyr SuperSport — the fastest Arab supercar.

W Motors Company has produced the one moment supercar light — it Lykan Hypersport, who has made an indelible impact on all the spectators who watched the «Fast & Furious 7». But turn even more spectacular event, scheduled for exhibition in Dubai, presentation Fenyr SuperSport.


If we are to be completely honest, the production of this new product is not only engaged in W Motors, get the car can be considered the biggest cosmopolitan in the world of cars. Judge for yourself: at the design stage actively involved in the company from Austria Magna Steyr, a German company the RUF, were noted in the design of Studio Torino (Italy), and KPP- «robot» was able to borrow a Porsche.


Now the novelty is equipped with a 6-itsilindrovym turbocharged unit issuing 900l.s. 1 and torque of 200nm having a volume of 4 liters.


The result of all this led to the fact that the car is his «hundred» is gaining 2.7 seconds. The speed limit for Fenyr, as claimed by the manufacturer, above 400km / h. Previous development of W Motors 390 km / h.


New weighs relatively little — about 1.3 tons, this can be explained by its dynamism. Structural materials used in the manufacture Fenyr SuperSport — this composite material is also filled with many details made of aluminum.


Cars equipped with fully independent suspension has a McPherson strut in front, multi-link system, behind appliances, stabilizing lateral stability, braking devices of carbon-ceramic.

To this news the manufacturer promises to produce a variety of accessories for greater promotion and awareness.


Presumably manufacturer can produce their own cars to the party of twenty-five pieces per year. The cost of new items not yet been made public, the previous production car W Motors sold for 3.4 mln.

US dollars, however, it is not as powerful and fast as Fenyr, so that it can be assumed that its value will be higher. But this model will really burst, unlike Lykan, which from the beginning was considered as a «piece» goods. This factor may also reduce the number of future price Fenyr.

Test Drive Fenyr SuperSport

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