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Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022. The new Ferrari 296 GTB is presented: a hybrid supercar with a V6 engine.

The Italians presented a completely new model Ferrari 296 GTB, which should occupy a niche between the Roma / Portofino pair and the older F8 Tributo supercar.

A key feature of the coupe is the use of a V6 engine, while earlier in the modern line of the manufacturer there were only cars with V8 and V12.

In addition, as in the case of the flagship SF90, the new Ferrari 296 GTB is also a hybrid, which allowed the engineers to achieve impressive dynamic performance from the «filling».

From a place to a hundred, a two-door car fires in just 2.9 seconds, up to two hundred — in 7.3 seconds, the maximum speed is 330 km / h.

As for the internal combustion engine, this is a 3.0-liter V6 F163 series developed from scratch with a camber angle of 120 degrees and two IHI turbochargers in the collapse of the block.

This engine is capable of spinning up to 8,500 rpm, and its output is 663 hp. and 740 Nm of torque.

The engine is paired with an eight-band preselective robot, while a 167-horsepower (315 Nm) MGU-K electric motor is built between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox (the name is the same as on Formula 1 cars).

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

Thus, the total power of the power plant is a very impressive 830 «horses».

A 7.45 kWh traction battery located behind the seats is responsible for powering the electric engine.

In addition, there is an additional dry clutch between electric and gasoline engines — this allows, if necessary, to move exclusively on electric traction. The maximum power reserve is modest — 25 km, while the speed is limited to 135 km / h.

Rear-wheel drive supercar Ferrari 296 GTB weighs 1,470 kg, it covered a circle on the Fiorano test track in 1 minute and 21 seconds. — this is two seconds slower than a thousand-horsepower hybrid SF90 and 0.5 seconds. faster than the formally older F8 Tributo.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

It seems that the successor to the latter will also acquire an electric engine and win back.

The Assetto Fiorano package was optionally prepared for the novelty, which saves 12 kg of weight due to the wider use of carbon fiber, racing seats in the cabin and the installation of a rear screen made of Lexan material.

Plus there are Multimatic racing shocks, Michelin Sport Cup2R track tires and front bumper flaps.

The latter generate an additional 10 kg of downforce on the front axle, while the total downforce at a speed of 250 km / h is around 360 kg (of which a hundred is provided by an adjustable rear spoiler).

As for the brake system of the Ferrari 296 GTB, it is here carried out «by wire», plus a new version of ABS with the innovative 6w-CDS system.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

The latter includes six sensors that track both the speed of rotation of each wheel and their vertical movement, as well as the angle of rotation, which allows for more accurate dosing of the braking force.

As a result, a complete stop from a speed of 200 km / h is carried out in 107 meters (8.8% earlier than the Ferrari F8 Tributo does).

Used on the model and the proprietary system eSSC (Side Slip Control) for slip control in corners, once again modernized.

They come with an additional electric motor in the steering gear that generates a «prompt» steering effort. The control electronics include four presets: eDrive, Hybrid, Performance and Qualify.

In terms of overall dimensions, the new Ferrari 296 GTB is not much inferior to the F8 model — the coupe is 4,565 mm long, the wheelbase is 2,600, the width is 1,958, and the height is 1,187.

The front axle has 245/35 ZR 20 tires, then as on the back there are 305/35 ZR 20.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2022.

The design of the car echoes the flagship Ferrari SF90 Stradale, but the cars are even more similar to each other in the cabin.

Here, a similar design of the front panel, with all control transferred to sensors, including the air conditioning control unit and even the adjustment of the mirrors. The instrument cluster is, of course, virtual.

Why such a strange name? The company itself explains it as follows: the first two digits «29» is a reduction from the engine displacement, which is exactly 2992 cubic centimeters, and «6» is a reference to the number of cylinders.

Further GTB stands for «Gran Turismo Berlinetta», but still it was better to come up with a more concise and memorable name.

In the distant past, Ferrari produced cars with six-cylinder engines, which they made under the Dino brand and positioned as inexpensive sports cars.

The current 296 GTB is not at all like that — for the basic model they ask for almost 269,000 euros (23.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and the option with the Assetto Fiorano package will cost at least € 302,000 (26 million).

Deliveries of the first machines to customers will begin in early 2022.

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