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Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

Liberty Walk has released the incredible Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023 hypercar.

The appearance of this car is really impressive. The carbon fiber body panels are a true testament to the tuner’s unparalleled craftsmanship.

Liberty Walk took the already phenomenal Ferrari 458 and took it to a whole new level of raw power and «aggression».

The front of the car with a completely new grille and aerodynamic ridges looks truly menacing.

Thin curtains on the front side panels are also striking.

The attention to detail in this project is truly amazing. Every element of the car has been meticulously crafted and upgraded to perfection, from the new hood with its large cutouts to the side mirrors and carbon fiber door panels.

It is also worth noting the new diffuser and high rear spoiler, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the car, but also help to increase its downforce.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a fantastic car that should be left untouched and unmodified.

But tuner Liberty Walk thinks otherwise, and for the past few years has been releasing a formidable 458 body kit called the Silhouette, CarsWeek shares.

Interestingly, the exterior of the model has not changed much, with the exception of the new 20-inch «casting», which cannot be said about the interior.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

Not only the seats, but also the steering wheel, armrest, dashboard and door cards received a different trim of yellow and black leather.

Note that the material at the same time has a light perforation, which at first glance does not carry any load.

However, as Carlex Design assures, it is thanks to it that all interior elements are cooled and ventilated.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.

Alcantara upholstery received pillars, ceiling and protective visors, and a large number of leather elements are diluted with carbon fiber details.

You can order a Ferrari 458 Italia in tuning only on order, the production of which takes only a month.

The cost of the proposed package has already been announced. The work will have to pay 38.7 thousand euros, which is approximately 3.5 million rubles.

Ferrari 458 Challenge 2023.


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