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Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

Ferrari 812 GTS: the most powerful production roadster in the world.

At a special event in early September two thousand nineteen, the Italians officially unveiled the Ferrari 812 GTS Roadster, which is an open version of the 812 Superfast.

At the front, the novelty differs from the latter only by the presence of two boomerang-shaped inserts in the upper corners of the windshield, designed to minimize aerodynamic noise. But the design of the rear of the car has changed much more.

Firstly, the characteristic influx of «hoods» appeared immediately behind the seats. Secondly, the brand specialists slightly changed the shape of the diffuser.

The retractable roof mechanism here is similar to other modern roadsters of the brand.

The folding / unfolding procedure of the hard top takes 14 seconds if the speed does not exceed 45 km / h. Interestingly, the rear window of the supercar is electric and can be lowered even with a roof over your head.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

This solution will allow the driver and passenger to fully enjoy the sound of the technical «filling» of the model.

By the way, the latter on the Ferrari 812 GTS is similar to the 812 Superfast version. The roadster is powered by a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 with 800 hp at 8,500 rpm and 718 Nm available at 7,000 rpm.

With such indicators, this model has become the most powerful production roadster in the world. Moreover, this is the first production Ferrari opener with a V12 in front in the last half century.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

It takes a car 3.0 seconds to accelerate to hundreds (up to 200 km / h in 8.3 seconds), and the maximum speed reaches 340 km / h. The circulation of the new Ferrari 812 GTS is not planned to be limited, the price of the car has not yet been announced.

Beauty is in the details: Tuners from Novitec have refined the Ferrari 812 GTS.

In the nineteenth year, the specialists of the Novitec studio presented a modified version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, and now the German masters have prepared a similar tuning kit for the open version of the 812 GTS.

Outside, the Italian dvuhdverka received a body kit made of «bare» carbon fiber, the components of which were pre-blown in a wind tunnel.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

This body kit includes front flaps, a ventilated hood, inserts behind the front wheel arches, and other mirror housings.

In addition, the car received special wheels with central locking, which were developed in cooperation with the Vossen company.

We are talking about 21- and 22-inch wheels, which are «shod» in tires measuring 275/30 and 335/25 front and rear, respectively.

The tuners are ready to finish the interior of the model with high-quality leather and Alcantara, and the client can independently choose the color of the materials.

Provided and technical improvements Ferrari 812 GTS. The company proposes to increase the output of the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine from the original 800 hp. and 718 Nm to 840 forces and 751 Nm of torque.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

The installation of sports catalysts and a more efficient exhaust system will help achieve the desired result. By the way, the latter has 110 mm pipes and an adjustable damper here.

Unfortunately, it is not known how the dynamics of the supercar will change. Additionally, you can lower the two-door clearance by 35 mm and install a special hydraulic system.

Using a button in the cabin, the latter allows you to raise the nose of the car by 40 mm to drive «difficult» road sections, and when reaching 80 km / h, the electronics automatically lowers the suspension to the previous level. The cost of the listed improvements has not been specified.

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