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Ferrari 812 GTS stallone by mansory 2021.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

Ferrari 812 GTS stallone by mansory 2021.

The Ferrari 812 GTS Roadster is adorned with blue leather and a wild body kit.
The Mansory workshop has modified the Italian supercar in its own style.

The German studio Mansory has upgraded the Ferrari 812 GTS roadster. Inside, the two-door was decorated with bright blue leather, and outside the tuning version is easy to recognize by the wild body kit with a huge number of air ducts.

Mansory’s contribution was not limited to upgrading the exterior and interior: the supercar has a reconfigured engine and replaced the exhaust.

The outrageous Mansory tuning kit is 100% recognizable from any side: in the front, the Stallone body kit is identified by the slots in the fenders and a complex bumper with a pile of splitters, at the rear — by a massive wing with atelier’s logo, a “layered” diffuser and a multi-tiered bumper.

The grooved exhaust tips are also noticeable.
All body kit components, including the custom side skirts and mirror caps, are made from carbon fiber.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

5-twin-spoke YN.5 forged wheels wrapped in 265/30 ZR21 tires at the front and 335/25 ZR22 at the rear make a significant contribution to the weight savings.

The designers of Mansory did not touch the architecture of the salon, but everything that the stylists could reach is covered with bright blue leather.

The Ferrari logos have been replaced with atelier symbols, the pedals have aluminum pads, the steering wheel is custom, although the shape and factory switches are preserved.

Improvements to the technical filling are not so global: Mansory’s minders, through chip tuning and replacing the exhaust manifold, boosted the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 with 30 horsepower and 22 Nm.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

The final figures are 830 horsepower and 740 Nm of torque. Tuning allowed for 0.1 seconds to improve acceleration dynamics (from zero to 100 kilometers per hour Mansory Stallone accelerates in 2.8 seconds) and to increase the maximum speed to 345 kilometers per hour (+5 km / h).

The price of tuning the Mansory Stallone for the 812 GTS roadster has not been announced.

Those wishing to modify the Ferrari supercar less radically can turn to Novitec — the firmware for the naturally aspirated V12 from competitors is more effective, and the body kit is less challenging.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

830 forces and a very blue interior: the Ferrari 812 GTS was finalized at the Mansory studio.

Tuning studio Mansory presented the next project based on Ferrari.

This time, the company modified the 812 GTS, which at the time of the premiere the Italian brand called the most powerful roadster in the world. The novelty was named Stallone GTS, 830 forces, a modified appearance and a bright interior.

• Outside, the tuned supercar stands out with new bumpers with additional aero-dynamic components, «gills» in the front fenders, a large carbon wing and forged 21- and 22-inch wheels at the front and rear, respectively.

• The cabin has a new steering wheel and a lot of bright blue leather — almost the entire front panel, seats, part of the center console and door trim, as well as the steering column are trimmed with it. Matching accents are also used in the design of the ventilation deflectors and even the rugs.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

• The increase in power of the naturally aspirated V12 engine in Mansory was achieved by reconfiguring the control electronics and installing a different exhaust system. The 6.5-liter engine added 30 hp. and 22 Nm of torque (up to 740 Nm in total), acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h now takes 2.8 seconds at a top speed of 345 km / h. The standard roadster 812 GTS, according to Ferrari’s description, picks up «one hundred» in less than three seconds and develops over 340 km / h.

• At the end of 2020, the German studio Novitec presented a modified Ferrari 599 SA Aperta supercar, which received a very loud exhaust. The volume of its sound exceeds, for example, the performance of a helicopter and a cargo train. However, the system also has the so-called «neighbor mode» — the sound in it is noticeably quieter.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

Outrageous two-door Mansory Stallone folded the roof.

Last spring, Mansory turned its sights on the Ferrari 812 Superfast coupe. To everyone’s surprise, the Germans showed a rather elegant set of modifications to the Softkit’s appearance.

But lest you think that the rebels have corrected themselves, together with her they immediately declassified the version of Stallone with a much more bureau-typical plastic.

Almost a year passed, and a new modification, based on the open model 812 GTS, left the workshop gates. This time, the tuners did not beat around the bush and presented only the Stallone GTS version.

As with the coupe of the same name, the car has transformations on the outside, inside and under the hood.

Ferrari 812 GTS 2021.

The new body kit is made of carbon fiber. This should improve the weight figures a bit — the factory roadster is 75 heavier than the coupe.

The car has new bumpers, side skirts and mirrors. Part of the composite is on display, the rest is finished in Daytona Gray.

The signature YN.5 forged wheels are fitted with 265/30 ZR21 tires at the front and 335/25 ZR22 at the rear.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the contrasting blue inserts, as well as a spectacular diffuser and a large wing with an Italian tricolor.

The interior features extensive blue leather upholstery and carbon fiber trim.

The factory steering wheel was replaced with a new one designed specifically for the Stallone models. The car also has branded aluminum pedals and illuminated door sills.

Particular attention should be paid to the motor. The still naturally aspirated V12 6.5 in the front now produces 830 hp. (+30) and 740 N • m (+22).

The gains were achieved by reconfiguring the control electronics and installing a different exhaust system.

The recoil corresponds to the indicators of the closed version, which means that the “Italian” from the Novitec bureau, with its 840 forces and 751 Newton meters, remains ahead.

The Stallone GTS Roadster accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds (–0.1) and has a top speed of 345 km / h (+5).

The roof, as before, retracts in 14 seconds at speeds up to 45 km / h. In Russia, a standard Ferrari 812 GTS roadster costs from 27 million rubles.

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