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Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

Ferrari Portofino M boasted a new power plant.
The expected update of the Ferrari Portofino convertible has come to pass and brought the model an additional letter M to the name: Portofino M (Modificata).

The car, of course, received a corrected appearance.

But first of all, the modification affected the power plant. The sports car has a revised 3.9 biturbo-eight, whose output is brought to the level of the new Roma coupe: 620 hp. and 760 N • m against 600 hp. on the same Portofino at the same moment.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

And the seven-speed «robot» of the pre-styling model gave way to a new eight-speed one.

The model has redesigned air intakes in the bumper and ventilation windows on the sides, as well as a slash on the edge of the bumper, visually consistent with the design of the sidewalls.

The radiator grille features new aluminum strips with contrasting beveled edges.

The new «robot» with two «wet» clutches is the closest relative of the one on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

Only in the version for the Portofino M are the gear ratios longer and the mechanical reverse gear is integrated (the SF90 does without it, moving back only on electric motors).

The car has received the sixth generation of the Side Slip Control (SSC) complex, which now combines an electronically controlled E-Diff, SCM-E Frs adaptive dampers, F1-TCS traction control and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) lateral dynamics control system. debuted on the 488 Pista coupe.

It precisely adjusts the pressure in the brake circuits for each wheel, while not replacing the usual stabilization system, but provides a more stable and predictable exit from fast corners.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

The FDE system is activated when a new — Race is selected in the mode switch. There are five programs in total (Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race and ESC-Off).

All this is complemented by more precise and instant response to the brake pedal, which has a 10% reduction in travel.

The rear bumper due to the new exhaust system (in which the rear pair of mufflers has been removed) has become more compact and visually laconic, the diffuser has separated from the bumper and can now be ordered in carbon fiber.

Among other innovations, the Italians mention other camshafts in the engine, the so-called flat crankshaft and a revised exhaust system, a turbine speed sensor (it allowed to increase their permissible speed), a GPF particulate filter, and also a Variable Boost Management device.

It regulates the maximum torque on the internal combustion engine shaft, depending on the selected gear (this program optimally balances between dynamics and low fuel consumption).

The length of the convertible is 4594 (+8 mm to its predecessor), width (1938), height (1318), base (2670 mm) remain the same.

Ferrari Portofino M 2021.

By the way, the presentation was held exclusively in online format. And this is the first new model of the brand, shown after a forced pause due to the pandemic.

Actually, the dynamics of the Portofino M are as follows. Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h improved from 3.5 s to 3.45 s, the maximum speed (over 320 km / h) remained the same, but in the 0-200 km / h exercise the progress is more noticeable — the time decreased from 10.8 s to 9 ,8.

At the same time, the model with a retractable hardtop, which improved its dynamics, remained comfortable and even became more convenient.

A rich set of driver assistants is announced for her, including adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, sign recognition, ambient vision, lane monitoring.

And then there is a three-level ventilation for the seat and backrest and a neck heater with three heating levels, which in addition adjusts its operation to the speed of the car.

The interior, with a pair of tidy TFT screens flanking the analog tachometer, a 10.25-inch center touchscreen and a seven-inch touchscreen in front of the front passenger, has barely changed, except for the little details in the trim.

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