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Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

The work was done by Carlex Design.
Polish atelier Carlex Design showed a white and green supercrossover Ferrari Purosangue.

Polish tuners from the Carlex Design studio presented their new project — renderings of the modified Ferrari Purosangue crossover. The car depicted in the images has seriously changed appearance and interior.

Outside, the modification is characterized by the presence of a two-tone body color: the bottom of the car is silver, but the upper part is already dark green.

By the way, previously the tuners used the same color scheme to finalize the Lamborghini Urus.

Note that dotted green accents can also be seen on the bottom of the doors. And this car is notable for the presence of new wheels.

We are talking about light-alloy multi-spoke wheels, the central part of which is again painted green and has the logo of the Polish studio.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

Traditionally for Carlex, even more attention was paid to the interior of the car than to the exterior.

The interior of the luxurious Italian crossover received a white and green design, and perforated leather was used to trim its seats.

In turn, the tuners decided to make the upper part of the front panel from green Alcantara.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

The steering wheel is again wrapped in leather with green accents. All this made the interior much more exclusive than from the factory.

The Italian crossover has not only changed in appearance. The interior of the toners has also been completely updated.

Polish tuning studio Carlex Design has unveiled its latest project based on the Ferrari Pursoangue crossover. In the interior of the car there were chairs upholstered in white and green leather with perforation.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

The white and green theme dominates the entire interior. The dashboard features a wide strip of green Alcantara along the top edge, while the steering wheel is wrapped in leather with bright green accents.

The exterior of the Purosangue continues the signature styling embodied by other Carlex vehicles.

The crossover got a two-tone color with a matte silver finish on the lower part of the body.

Moreover, the paint is applied with a special hand brush effect, which can be seen on the Lamborghini Urus from Carlex Design. Complements the appearance of a thin racing strip around the perimeter of the body.

Ferrari Purosangue Carlex Design.

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