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Ferrari Roma 2023.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

The Roma model is the beginning of Ferrari’s model range.

Near the headquarters of the brand a test prototype of Ferrari Roma Spider 2023 with a convertible roof was shot.

We know that earlier the Italians had announced the end of development of this version.

So now we can only guess if the company resumed development of the convertible, which will replace the Portofino M model, or engineers are testing equipment for other cars of the brand on this old prototype.

In the video we see two cars: one of them has no camouflage, so let’s look at it first.

It doesn’t have taillights and some other elements, but you can clearly see that it is based on the Roma, because the same body panels are used.

There is no roof, and the rear part is slightly modified to accommodate a folding roof, which is very different from the Portofino’s rigid roof.

The front bumper is hidden by a special ribbon, so there are some external updates.

Also shown in the video is a camouflaged prototype. It’s definitely Roma, because it has the same blocks of light elements and general body profile.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

It’s covered with special panels, but it’s noticeable that the roof line hints more at a Spider or GTS.

As for the regular Roma version, it is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that develops 618 horsepower and 761 N*m of torque.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

The same power unit is used in the updated Portofino M. If the regular version of the Roma gets an intermediate update, the company’s engineers may slightly upgrade the turbo engine to develop more power.

It will also be interesting to find out if Ferrari is really developing this model with a convertible roof.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

The new Ferrari Purosangue 2023 is currently under development, a spy video of which was recently published on the web.

The manufacturer was testing the car in an Italian city, while a blogger followed the test car and filmed it on camera.

Ferrari Roma 2023.

The new video will help to estimate how the premium crossover will look in reality. By the way, the camouflage of the car is minimal, which makes it possible to examine the design in detail.

The main feature of the model is that it has a small ground clearance, while most of the other crossovers have high ground clearance.

This makes the Ferrari Purosangue look more like a hatchback than an average parkette.

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