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Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

Ferrari Roma Spider: an open version of the two-door with a folding soft top.

In mid-March twenty-third, the Italians introduced the Ferrari Roma Spider model.

It is a coupe-cabriolet with a convertible soft top, which is positioned as the successor to the Ferrari Portofino M. The latter will soon be retired.

The developers note that the new soft top provides almost the same level of acoustic comfort as the previous hard top from Webasto.

Customers will be offered a choice of fabric in black or dark red.

The roof can be retracted at speeds up to 60 km/h in just 13.5 seconds. When folded, the soft top is a «sandwich», having a thickness of 220 mm.

Interestingly, the convertible also has a lifting wing, which, when retracted, is a black insert on the trunk lid.

There are three operating positions for this body kit component. The first is for driving at speeds over 100 km / h, and the second — after 300 km / h.

In turn, the third preset was created specifically for active driving on the highway.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

It is the most aggressive and is capable of generating 95 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. In this case, the aerodynamic drag increases only by 4%.

The Ferrari Roma Spider 2024 has the same seating formula as the regular Roma coupe, i.e. «2+».

This means that although the car has a second row, only children can fit on it, and even then the latter will not be particularly at ease.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

However, if the second-row seats of the coupe do not even have head restraints, then the freshly baked convertible has them, and behind them is a windscreen.

By default, the latter is “hidden”, and when raised, it allows you to reduce turbulence in the cabin.

As for the front seats, you can order the so-called «air scarf» for them, which provides a supply of thermal air to the necks of riders.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

Otherwise, the interior of the “opener” is the same as that of the coupe. Trunk volume is declared at the level of 255 liters. This is an indicator with the top up, with the roof folded it will be less.

In terms of technology, the convertible is no different from the base coupe.

This means that it is driven by a 3.9-liter V8 biturbo with a “flat” crankshaft that produces 620 hp. (760 Nm).

However, the Italians installed a new oil pump on the “opener”, which will later appear on closed cars.

The power unit works in conjunction with an eight-band robot with two clutches, and the mentioned 760 Nm of thrust become available only in the seventh and eighth steps, while in lower gears the torque is limited.

Ferrari Roma Spider 2024.

The dry weight of the soft top model is 1,556 kg (+84 kg compared to the coupé). Moreover, the novelty was 11 kg heavier than the Portofino M, which relies on a hard convertible top.

However, everything is in order with the dynamics of the open Roma: from standstill to a hundred, the car accelerates in 3.4 seconds (- 0.05 seconds compared to the same Portofino M).

Well, acceleration from 0-200 km / h is already possible in 9.7 seconds (- 0.1), although the usual Roma coupe is even faster — 9.3 seconds. The maximum speed of the novelty is over 320 km/h.

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