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FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022. In January 2021, we learned about Fiat’s plans to offer the 500X compact crossover with a soft top. Prior to this, the media reported scant information.

Now it became clear that the novelty is not a convertible. However, it has an interesting name.

This is a preview of the new Fiat 500X Yachting. Fiat does not offer an official press release or photos yet.

The focal point is the fabric roof, which really looks more like a large sunroof than a traditional open-top car.

Passengers will get a lot of air in 500X. At the same time, the engineers retained the rigidity of the structure, which is quite important for a unibody crossover.

The 500X Yachting is more than just a soft top model. As the name suggests, yachts are the inspiration for this special edition crossover.

This can be seen in the mahogany dashboard and marine grade materials in the interior. The teaser also mentions blue details in terms of its exterior shade and color-matched finish.

There are special badges both inside and outside. Other details are still under wraps.
The new 500X Yachting will “hit the market” in July 2021.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

Fiat has unveiled the 500X Yachting Edition, a convertible version of the 500X.

Olivier François, CEO of Fiat, has unveiled an unusual novelty on his Instagram. He showed the open-top 500X Yachting Edition crossover.

In the video, which was published by François, the car travels through the picturesque expanses of Italy. Its fabric roof is reminiscent of the 500C. Only on the Yachting Edition does it stop retracting when it is in line with the C-pillars. A wind deflector is also available.

Another interesting detail. The video shows the Yacht Club Capri badges on the middle pillars. As for the interior, it is finished in white leather. For contrast, Fiat has added blue accents (the body is painted in the same color).

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

Mahogany is used in the design of the gear lever and dashboard. The Yachting Edition is ideal for boaters and people who love water and wind. The name of the car is binding.

There are no technical details. However, no major differences from the other 500X are expected.

The Yachting Edition is likely to receive a 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This engine is capable of delivering 177 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque.

The price is also unknown. Presumably, the Yachting Edition will cost slightly more than the regular 500X. The latter, as standard, will cost 21 thousand euros.

Fiat unveils the 500X Yachting Edition convertible.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

The automaker has announced a convertible version of the 500X, dubbed the Yachting edition.

The new Fiat 500X Yachting Edition was unveiled on Instagram by Fiat CEO Olivier François and showed how the open-top 500X drives through picturesque places in Italy.

If you want to enjoy the summer sun and meet the wind, 500X Yachting might be the perfect option.

In the video, we can see that the 500X fabric roof is very similar to the 500C roof. However, the roof of the 500X Yachting doesn’t go down to where the rear window would normally be,

but stops retracting when it’s in line with the C-pillars. The crossover is also equipped with a wind deflector.

FIAT 500X Yachting 2022.

The video also shows that the 500X Yachting has badges on the B-pillars that read ‘Yacht Club Capri’.

The interior is also upholstered in white leather, contrasting with many blue accents that mimic the blue body paint. In addition, the dashboard and gear lever are finished in mahogany.

Pricing details for the Fiat 500X Yachting have not been disclosed, but it can be expected to sell at a small premium over the standard model, which starts at € 21,000 in Italy.

It is expected to be powered by the same turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine as the other 500X models, producing 177bhp. and 285 Nm of torque.

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