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Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022. The Fiat Tipo family has been expanded again: now a station wagon cross.

The new version of the «shed», according to the genre, has a protective dodger. In addition, there is a special version Red for this «crossover».

The current Fiat Tipo began its market career in 2015 with a four-door modification (a model with that name was also in the brand’s range in the 1980s), and in 2016, the sedan was joined by a hatchback and a station wagon.

Production of the entire family is set up in Turkey, and there the cars are called Egea.

At the end of 2020, Tipo has gone through a restyling, and then the line of versions has been expanded: the range was supplemented by «elevated» hatchback with unpretentious prefix Cross.

And now a «crossover» variant has appeared in the Station Wagon.

Like a cross-hatch, Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross has a protective plastic bodykit, plus the radiator grille has its own pattern.

Well, the «station wagon» also had rails on the roof before. The length of this station wagon is 4583 mm, which is 12 mm more than the standard «wagon».

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

Also the ground clearance is increased, but the exact figure is not disclosed by Fiat.

Tipo Station Wagon Cross has 17-inch wheels by default, while the basic model has 16-inch ones.

The volume of the trunk — the same 550 liters, as in the standard station wagon (hatch — 440 liters, regardless of version).

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

In Europe, the list of standard equipment of the new «cross» are LED headlights, climate control, multimedia system with 10-inch touchscreen, virtual «dashboard» (7 «), rearview camera, adaptive cruise control and the system of auto brake.

And also the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross is available to Europeans in the Red version, dedicated to the same name world campaign, which is aimed at fighting epidemics.

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

Features of this design — red exterior mirror housings (the body itself can be not only this color, but also black, silver or white), emblems with the name of the special version on the doors and seat trim made of material obtained by recycling plastic, which was extracted from the ocean.

Engines are the same as in the rest of the family: gasoline «turbo» 1.0 (100 hp), turbodiesels 1.3 (95 hp) and 1.6 (130 hp). Drive only front-wheel drive.

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross 2022.

In Italy, Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Cross costs from 25,950 euros, while the price of cross-hatch there starts at 24,450 euros.

Standard hatchback and station wagon in the homeland of the brand cost from 20,950 and from 22,450 euros respectively (all prices are excluding stock).

In Russia Tipo still has not reached, Fiat does not sell here cars at all now. But the other brands of the Stellantis concern are preparing new models for the Russian market.

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