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Ford Bronco 2021.

Ford Bronco 2021.

Ford Bronco 2021.

Ford Bronco 2021: the renaissance of the legendary SUV.
More than 20 years ago, Ford produced a fairly high-quality SUV that could be driven anywhere. The model was named Bronco.

However, the issue had to be curtailed due to falling demand. And now that SUVs and crossovers are back at the top, the Americans have decided to revive the car.

Restyling has gone through all the parameters, which is not surprising, but the car has retained its recognizable features, thanks to which true fans of the SUV will still be able to distinguish it from other representatives of the brand.

The new model will receive a fairly large size, a large number of decorations, a quite high-quality and well-finished interior, as well as good characteristics, thanks to which the 2021 Ford Bronco will feel great both on flat roads and off-road.


The design of the car is clearly its strong point. The new body boasts large dimensions, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a short version or a long one.

Ford Bronco 2021.

In the photo you can find a lot of parts that have moved here from previous versions of the car, produced more than 20 years ago.

These include the air intake system, optics, body kits, and the shape of the body as a whole. Of course, here you can find elements from modern brand representatives, but there are much fewer of them.

The front of the car is the most interesting. It is located at a very high altitude, has large dimensions and has no slope at all, which is why not every person will feel comfortable driving an SUV.

The trim of the muzzle begins with a long hood, which includes several easy transitions in height, as well as a decorative air intake cutout.

The main part of the bumper is slightly recessed into the body and takes on a rectangular shape. It includes a coarse-mesh air intake system, a chrome-plated thin perimeter, round headlights filled with xenon lights in any configuration, turn signal strips, and a Ford brand badge. A couple more turning lights can be seen already on the arches.

The body kit takes up a lot of space here. It also includes a bunch of both useful and decorative items. It flaunts fog optics, placed in recesses on the sides, power plants that protect the bumper when driving on difficult sections of the path, towing eyes, as well as a winch mount. The body kit is finished with a protective layer of unpainted plastic.

Ford Bronco 2021.

The car looks interesting on the sides. At the top there is a very long and wide strip of windows, which has a thin chrome-plated perimeter, and can also be divided into parts either by a body pillar painted in the main color, or pseudo-resistant, made in black gloss, because of which it merges with the glass into a single whole.

Also, the windows widen slightly closer to the rear-view mirrors, which, in turn, boast a large size, square shape and the presence of a couple more turning lights.

On the main part of the body you can see huge wheel arches with large extensions, an abundance of chrome inserts, if this is a civilian version, as well as auxiliary steps that are removed during driving.

The SUV looks menacing from behind. As befits a representative of this class, this part of the car is located almost at right angles to the road and takes a square shape.

On it you can find such decorations as a large window that takes up almost half of the entire space, several chrome inserts, slightly raised transitions in height, the Ford brand badge, as well as large marker signals, some of which are located on the car’s profile.

It also has a body kit that can be finished with either chrome-plated metal or unpainted plastic. It also has a step for easier access to the trunk and two rectangular exhaust pipes. The towing eyes, towbar mount and spare wheel are located under the body.

Ford Bronco 2021.


Despite being a tricky road vehicle and marketed as a workhorse, it’s pretty well done inside. The new Ford Bronco 2021 model year will receive interior trim with natural leather, good quality fabrics, metals and plastic, which can be both soft and hard.

Only the essentials are placed on the car dashboard. There is a small recess with a touchscreen monitor, which is framed on the sides by large deflectors, as well as a panel that includes analog buttons and washers that allow you to configure various functions of the machine.

With the help of a small storage compartment, the torpedo is connected to the tunnel. The tunnel itself takes up a lot of space, but also contains only the most necessary.

Ford Bronco 2021.

These include cup holders, a technical panel and a high armrest, which also has a large storage compartment inside.

The car will be able to carry both five and seven people. All seats in the car will receive natural leather trim, and will also acquire heating and support on the sides. The front seats can be adjusted electrically. The rear rows will receive a separate armrest and other small options that increase comfort.


The 2021 Ford Bronco will be powered by a two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 215 horsepower. A couple of such a unit will be either an automatic for ten gears, or a mechanic for seven. The drive will always be full here. As the test drive shows, the car feels good both in city conditions and off-road.

Options and prices

So far, the price of the car has not been disclosed. According to experts, it will vary from 35 to 40 thousand rubles.

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