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Ford Bronco 6×6 2023.

Ford Bronco 6x6 2023.

Ford Bronco 6×6 2023.

The Ford Bronco six-wheeler for the apocalypse. Ford Bronco turned into a three-axle Apocalypse Dark Horse pickup.

The new Ford Bronco attracted not only thousands of regular customers, but also numerous tuning companies.

At the very beginning of the year, a powerful version of the Bronco was presented by Hennessey Performance of Texas.

Apocalypse Manufacturing of Florida was the first company to build a three-axle giant based on the Bronco.

This company was founded in 2020, but already had a hand in creating three-axle monsters from Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500 TRX.

So the conversion of Ford’s SUV was done on a rolling basis. The first sample of the pickup called Apocalypse Dark Horse has already been shown to American journalists.

Frame of the original Bronco was lengthened with the help of a steel profile. The body is stretched, but now there is a cargo area at the back and a hardtop is cut.

Ford Bronco 6x6 2023.

The rear wall of the cab is installed just behind the seats, so the Bronco became a 5,715-mm long pickup vs. 4,839-mm long for the donor SUV.

A third drive axle was installed, the track was widened, and new wheels with 37-inch OD tires were added. Ground clearance in total is increased by 102 mm.

The standard turbo EcoBoost V6 2.7 engine has been boosted from 335 to 400 hp: it has new direct injection nozzles, increased boost pressure, a different exhaust system and a tweaked control program.

Ford Bronco 6x6 2023.

Finally, the demonstration truck has a retouched interior (in genuine leather), and the front end has an original bumper with integrated LED lights and towing eyes.

The modified SUV is not the team’s first eccentric project.

The specialists of tuning studio Apocalypse Manufacturing, which is known for its unusual projects, have turned the production Ford Bronco into a six-wheeled off-road vehicle called Dark Horse.

Engineers have seriously redesigned the technical part, as well as the appearance and interior of the car. The company did not disclose the cost of the modified model, which is ideal for surviving the apocalypse.

Ford Bronco 6x6 2023.

But such modifications can be chosen by customers on an individual basis. The three-axle Apocalypse Dark Horse is already available to order, although no price has been announced.

The length of the «Dark Horse» is 5,715 millimeters. Engineers equipped the SUV with a third axle, as well as a pair of extra wheels shod in 37-inch mud tires.

The modified Ford Bronco received a front power bumper with an LED strip, additional LED optics on the sides, as well as several towing hooks.

At the rear of the SUV, experts installed extended fenders, as well as side and rear glass in the roof panels.

Ford Bronco 6x6 2023.

A full-size spare tire was attached to the Bronco’s cargo platform.

The output of turbocharged three-liter V6 was increased to 400 horsepower.

In addition, engineers have modified the engine control unit and put bigger injectors and a new exhaust system.

Interior of this «apocalyptic» car is made of black and brown genuine leather.

Thanks to the modified suspension, ground clearance of the vehicle was increased by more than ten centimeters.

For example, the company is asking $155,000 to $200,000 for three-axle versions of the Rangler.

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