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Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021: the sports version of the American SUV.
Based on the popular Bronco SUV, Ford has developed a simplified model of the compact segment in the SUV body.

In a new interpretation, the Ford Bronco Sport 2021 demonstrates the brutal body design typical of American all-terrain vehicles, a practical and functional interior, as well as high-speed and off-road potential that is par for its class.

The new Bronco model is of interest to lovers of active, including extreme, recreation.


The design and layout properties of the new crossover type frameless load-bearing body, aggressive style of external decor, original optics and sports suspension elements made of impact-resistant plastic.

Traditionally, the most striking and expressive details of the external design are concentrated on the front side of the case. In stock:

• stepped reliefs of a flat, low-set bonnet;

• coarse-mesh radiator cladding decorated with corporate identity;

• interesting interpretation of LED head optics, supplemented with running lights;

• a massive bumper equipped with direction indicators and fog lamps.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

The embossed plastic body kit that combines decorative and protective functions includes an additional ventilation duct and a pair of towing devices.

In classic off-road retro styling, the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport body is designed in side projection. The photo attracts attention:

• black flat roof equipped with silver rails;

• large format three-piece glazing;

• compact mirrors and the height of the volumetric wheel arches.

The off-road surroundings of the new model range are confirmed by a sufficiently high ground clearance, the presence of short overhangs and a plastic protective lining. Solid rims are designed in the corporate sports-aggressive style.

Several new technical and design solutions have been restyled in the design of the rear side of the body. In the stern structure:

• large format of the rear window slightly narrowed at the top;

• decorated with the brand logo and stepped relief trunk door;

• vertical blocks of multifunctional stern optics located on the side racks.

The plastic monoblock of the bumper and body kit, equipped with fog lights and a plate for the license plate, looks somewhat unusual.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.


The interior of the five-seater interior of the new Ford Bronco Sport 2021 SUV will delight potential owners with the quality and variety of finishing materials, ergonomics of seats, and a wide range of electronic and technical interior equipment.

In particular, the experts noted the enhanced capabilities of the comfort-forming and functional equipment, as well as the advanced output characteristics of the multimedia complex.

The multifunctional front panel is equipped with an analog-digital instrument panel with traditional dials, an informative computer monitor and a multifunctional console enclosed in a relief perimeter.

Its composition includes a set of ventilation deflectors, a 12-inch diagonal media-command display and an in-cabin microclimate control panel. The compact tunnel offers:

• well for small luggage;

• technical segment with transmission shift knob;

• set of cup holders;

• a typical set of organizers and a soft wide armrest.

The first row pilot seats in fabric or top-end leather are equipped with lateral bolsters, multiple adjustment mechanisms, and a step heating system.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

More limited service for the rear three-seater includes a reclining backrest and converting the middle seat into a wide and comfortable armrest. Simple and time-saving installation of the sofa backrest allows the 833-liter boot volume to be increased to 1702 liters. The spare wheel placed in the floor recess is not reflected in the spaciousness of the compartment.


In the new generation, the Bronco SUV of the Sport series has retained the crossover layout and external dimensions in proportional ratios of 4387 x 2088 1783 mm.

The length of the wheelbase is 2670 mm and the ground clearance within the range of 198-224 mm is also left without significant changes.

The test drive confirmed the declared off-road potential of the crossover, in particular, the ability to overcome water obstacles up to 60 cm deep.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021.

The indisputable advantages of the model are the modular platform «C2» adapted to the parameters of the monocoque body, the effective combination of post-McPherson and multi-link suspension, the presence of stability stabilizers, disc brakes and active safety systems.

Ford Bronco Sport 2021 offers a choice of two EcoBoost petrol turbocharged internal combustion engines.

The base model will receive a productive tandem of a 1.5-liter engine with an output of 183 hp / 259 Nm and an all-wheel drive 8-band hydromechanical transmission.

In the top-end configuration, a two-liter, more powerful and dynamic power unit is declared with 248 hp / 373 Nm. The results of comprehensive control tests of both engines will be published in the near future.

Options and prices

The SUV for the domestic market is promised in basic and technically advanced top-end modifications with leather interior and additional comfort-creating options.

Depending on the level of equipment, the price will vary in the range of 26-38 thousand dollars.


In the budget SUV category, the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport successfully competes with similar developments from leading European and Asian brands.

Models such as Jeep Compass, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLC or Qoros 5 SUV claim the status of rivals.

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