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Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023 was shown for the first time on photos.

Will Suzuki Jimny be able to compete with it?

The day before photos of compact Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023 model year have appeared in the network.

The car is completely masked, but it does not prevent to see that it does not differ much from larger colleague — off-road Bronco.

However, even it should have unique features.

An interesting feature looks that the prototype in the Heritage version received elements from other variations of the Bronco Sport.

For example, it has wheels from Badlands, as well as a radiator grille in Big Bend style.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

According to rumors, the American manufacturer will offer two versions of such model — standard Heritage and limited Heritage Limited.

However, it is unknown where Ford will position each version of the compact SUV.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

Recall that at the moment at the top of the Bronco Sport is the Badlands version.

In terms of design, the vehicle is expected to be much like the Ford F-150 Heritage Edition, which was revealed in June.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

The Bronco Sport in this version could get unique body paint colors and other visual upgrades.

Other features expected include exclusive interior trim, stitching and other visual touches typical of the Heritage version.

Powertrain upgrades for this version are highly questionable.

Currently, the compact SUV is available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 245-hp engine and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine with 181 hp.

It’s safe to say they will remain in the engine lineup.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage 2023.

The Bronco Sport Heritage and Bronco Sport Heritage Limited are expected to be available as early as the 2023 model year.

The presentation will take place in the coming months. Prices for the standard Bronco Sport in the US start at $28,815 (1.7 million rubles).

Note that the American manufacturer is also preparing a Heritage version for the larger standard Bronco.

As an alternative to the Bronco Sport, in fact, we can consider the Suzuki Jimny.

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