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Ford Edge 2021.

Ford Edge 2021.

Ford Edge 2021.

Ford Edge 2021: An advanced American crossover for the European market.
In the second generation, the popular American crossover Ford Edge 2021 is initially focused on the specifics of the European market.

The advantages of the new version are a bright and expressive body design, improved ergonomics of seats in terms of comfort and safety, dynamic characteristics of an economical motor range.

The new model of a practical and functional crossover is adapted in all respects for everyday use. Technical and electronic equipment ensures driving comfort in the conditions of traffic flows in large cities and at high-speed modes of modern highways.


The 2021 Edge, which survived the restyling, features recognizable details of typical American design in the exterior. The most striking and expressive design is the front side of the body. In stock:

optimal difference in dynamic angles of inclination of the windshield and the bonnet decorated with ribbed profiles;
compact format of the front multifunctional optics;
Hexagonal configuration complemented by the branded logo chrome radiator grille.

Ford Edge 2021.

The front end in the lower segment looks no less aggressive. Attention is drawn to the bumper array with wedge-shaped diffusers built into the sidewalls and the large format of the ventilation duct grille. The entourage is complemented by horizontal anti-fog lights.

Thanks to the features of the corporate layout and body decor, the redesigned 2021 Ford Edge initially creates a positive perception and looks at the level of more prestigious counterparts.

In the photo in side projection, the new body shows the traditional properties of the classic crossover layout. In sight:

domed roof extended with a semicircular spoiler;
matte black plastic of the window trim;
stylish two-tone side mirror housings.

The design of the crossover sidewalls contains a set of small door handles, several ribbed body profiles, embossed wheel arches and a branded spoke design of 17-inch rims.

From the rear, the new Edge version is identified by the gently sloping rear window, exclusive tailgate step embossing and the polygonal configuration of the combination lights. In the basic configuration of the protruding bumper there is a protective body kit with two cutouts for large-caliber exhaust tips.

The decorative functions of the rear side of the case are performed by a glossy plastic plate and chrome-plated brand symbols.

Ford Edge 2021.


The spacious five-seater interior of the new crossover is decorated in the best American traditions. The manufacturer offers different options for fabric and leather interiors with decorative inserts made of high-quality plastic and metal chrome accents. The front panel demonstrates:

original interpretation of the instrument panel supplemented by a computer monitor with analog dial indicators;
8-inch diagonal of the media command display integrated into the center console;
compact control panel with mechanical elements for setting basic and auxiliary options.

Already in the basic version, the crossover will receive modern output characteristics of the multimedia complex, a rear hemisphere video review camera, cruise control with adaptive functionality, traffic monitoring systems and rear parking sensors.

Ford Edge 2021.

The complete set of the tunnel tightly adjacent to the dashboard includes a technical sector with transmission and handbrake levers, a typical set of organizers for its class and an armrest that combines the function of a built-in refrigerator cover.

Perfectly profiled and supplemented with lateral support, the pilot seats are height adjustable, heated and ventilated with special circuits. The service of the rear sofa with three seats is limited by the backrest inclination and the folding armrest.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to transform the rear seats to increase the useful boot volume from 1100 to 2077 liters.


Deep restyling of the crossover affected the increase in body dimensions to 4778 x 1928 and 1742 mm. In the structural properties of the chassis, the global C / D platform is identical to Mondeo and Fusion, a combination of independent MacPherson and multi-link suspension, a wheelbase extended to 2850 mm and a 200 mm ground clearance.

The chassis is equipped with efficient disc brakes, and the steering circuit is equipped with an electric booster.

Ford Edge 2021.

With all the variety of powertrain components, the 2021 Ford Edge version for the Russian market will receive an uncontested tandem from derated to 249 hp. petrol 3.5-liter naturally aspirated and 6-range transmission of the SelectShift series.

The four-wheel drive version is equipped with a robotic transmission with two disc clutches.

The test drive showed the starting and speed characteristics of the engine nominal for its power level, full-fledged interaction of technical and electronic equipment, excellent driving properties at different speed modes.

Options and prices

The manufacturer announced the new Ford Edge 2021 model year in four versions, and the price of the model in the basic version is more than 46 thousand dollars.

Sales start in Russia

The situation with the supply of the crossover to the domestic market is ambiguous. According to specialists from dealer structures, the release date in Russia will be known in the second quarter of the future, 2021.

Competing models

The global crossover boom is at the peak of its development, so there are more than four dozen identical and more affordable competitors in the new Ford. In the first lines of an extensive list of European and Asian crossover counterparts: Audi Q5, Mazda CX-8, BMW X4, Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Tribeca, Hyundai ix55 and GAC GS8.

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