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Ford Edge 2022.

Ford Edge 2022.

Ford Edge 2022.

Among the huge number of crossovers and SUVs there is its own hierarchy, according to the laws of which the Ford Edge is located noticeably lower than the Explorer.

First of all, it is explained by the fact that the latter is noticeably larger and has more seats.

Agree, for an SUV it’s really important. But pricing does not always correspond to logic.

The Edge SE of the 2022 model year will greatly increase in price. Find this out from Ford’s ordering guide. What exactly caused the price increase?

Ford Edge 2022.

The publication says that all Edge crossovers without exception will be all-wheel drive.

If the information receives official confirmation, it is likely that the manufacturer’s base recommended retail price for the new parkette will increase by about $2,100.

Recall that the price tag on the most affordable Edge at the moment (SE FWD) starts at $33,995 (2.5 million rubles).

Ford Edge 2022.

On the one hand, $36,000 seems a reasonable price for a two-row midsize crossover, but on the other hand, the model will become more expensive than its more prestigious brother.

The Edge 2022 starts at $36,150 (2.65 million rubles) in the official ordering guide.

However, the most affordable Explorer (Base RWD) is as much as two thousand dollars cheaper.

Of course, it is the poorest of all versions of the latter, and it has no all-wheel drive, but it still has an advantage in size and capacity.

Ford Edge 2022.

Yes and the level of equipment can be called quite decent, but the new Edge has even more standard features.

If Ford plans to sell more Edge crossovers this year, the adjustment could hinder the company’s ambitious plans.

Last month, Ford shipped 48,213 units of the crossover. However, that number pales in comparison to the Explorer.

After all, the big brother gained 140,082 new homes during the same period. The Edge’s position is exacerbated by the fact that the Explorer tends to make better and more attractive deals.

Ford Edge 2022.

So does this two-row crossover have an advantage over its larger stablemate?

It definitely has the edge in terms of handling, maneuverability and fuel economy.

However, you can’t overlook the engine power, interior capacity, and towing capabilities of the Explorer.

Still, it will be interesting to see how Ford maintains Edge sales despite rising prices.

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