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Ford Expedition 2020.

Ford Expedition 2020.

Ford Expedition 2020.

Ford Expedition 2020: brutal conqueror of bad roads.
For many years, the American company Ford has been known as a manufacturer of large off-road vehicles adapted to most road problems.

It was for the United States that a huge SUV was created with a square outline and a fantastically comfortable interior, as well as remarkable characteristics that continue the traditions of the Expedition model.

All the years of the release of this hit of the overseas market, it practically had no competitors in its class, and so, in order to maintain its former positions, the company decided on restyling.

It is intended to change the appearance, adding new elements to it, improve the interior and even better adapt the new product to the conquest of off-road, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the 2020 Ford Expedition rating among similar cars.

Ford Expedition 2020.


Even from the photo, one can determine that formidableness and brutality are the main features of the appearance of the novelty. The new body will unambiguously distinguish the car in the stream not only with its dimensions, but also with a variety of non-standard decorative solutions.

Most of these elements went to the huge square muzzle of the car. Under the large windshield is a massive bonnet, on which you can find both protrusions and recesses. It is located practically without a slope in relation to the roadway.

The largest number of decorations is located a little lower, in the area of ​​the air intake. Its wide stripe runs all the way across the front end and contains a pretty chrome rectangle with rounded sides.

Almost at the edge of the grille there are headlights, which, regardless of the configuration, will contain xenon lights.

On the body kit, you can also find a lot of interesting things. These are large air intakes of various sizes and shapes that merge into one another. A little below, plastic and metal inserts are visible to protect the lower part of the car when driving off-road.

Ford Expedition 2020.

The sides of the new model look quite decent, even as for premium cars. The upper part begins with large, strictly rectangular windows, separated by massive pseudo-struts and framed by a neat chrome strip.

Nearby are large chrome-trimmed mirrors, door handles and decorative elements, including a wavy relief, of which there are quite a few.

The stern of the 2020 Ford Expedition contains a space-sized trunk window, covered by an equally large visor, into which brake light signals are integrated. Below there is a large number of chrome nameplates and stripes, faceted relief, as well as stamping under an interestingly shaped number.

As for the side lights, they are placed on the racks. Immediately under the heavy fifth door, you can find a body kit made of metal to protect the body from all kinds of contacts. But the end of the exhaust system here is completely removed under the bottom.


The interior of the new 2020 Ford Expedition model year can hardly be called premium, but it cannot be denied in comfort and functionality. In particular, the seats are upholstered with expensive, high-quality leather, and high-quality plastic, metals and wood-like plastic inserts are used in the interior design.

Ford Expedition 2020.

Front end decoration

The center console boasts a massive infotainment system with the main monitor located right in the middle. There are several blocks of physical keys and washers around it.

All these controls allow you to navigate the rich functionality of the car. In the upper part of the dashboard, you can also find several large air ducts of various configurations. Despite the abundance of details, they are located so that it will not be difficult for anyone to understand the controls.

The car’s tunnel, wide and high, also boasts many elements. First of all, this is a technical panel, trimmed with metals, pockets for things and cup holders under the curtains, buttons for working with some comfortable options, and a huge armrest covered with leather, in the depths of which there was a place for a refrigeration unit.

The steering wheel is comparatively small, but has a comfortable grip and is trimmed with quality leather, and the spokes contain many helpful driver assistants. Immediately behind it there is a huge traditional instrument cluster: large tachometer and speedometer gauges along the edges and a large bortovik display between them.

Seats and luggage compartment

A high level of comfort is provided by comfortable, soft chairs, upholstered with high-quality leather. The car boasts three rows of seats, and each row has its own «chips».

Ford Expedition 2020.

The front one includes two heated seats with electric position adjustments, side support and even ventilation. On the second row there are also two heated seats with the ability to recline or raise the back.

The third row is a one-piece sofa that can accommodate three people at once. In top-end configuration and it can be heated.

The trunk can be considered a subject of special pride for the creators of the car. Even with all the seats up, that’s nearly 600 liters of space. If you fold the two rear rows, you can count on 3700 liters of space.


Engineers have prepared a 3.5-liter uncontested gasoline engine for the 2020 Ford Expedition. At the peak of the torque, it will show 375 «horses». It will be paired with a ten-speed automatic and an all-wheel drive system.

As the test drive showed, this will be enough for movement both in the city and the highway, and in the absence of roads.

Options and prices

For a new product from Ford, they will ask for from $ 49,000, while the price of the top version will approach 65 thousand US dollars.

In terms of Russian money, this is from 3.1 to 4 million, which is not so expensive for such a status car.

Competing models

Among the main rivals of the car are Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade and Nissan Patrol.

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