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Ford Explorer 2016.

Ford Explorer 2016.

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Ford Explorer — SUV, its sales began in 1991.
This model is not cheap, but she immediately fell in love with buyers spacious and powerful engine, so quickly gained popularity. Today, on the road, we see the fifth generation of the Ford Explorer, and in the near future there will be an update and in honor of the 25th anniversary of the model version of the SUV!


Presented for the first time at the November Motor Show 2014 in Los Angeles, Ford Explorer few approached the crossover. He got a better rate of acceleration, which is very important, greater agility and aggressiveness on the track. The machine will be as confident feel on the road. An important point: the car is designed for customers of all ages.

Why do developers think so? The answer is that its dimensions like the older generation, and aggressive design and impressive power does not remain indifferent to the youth.
Prices for the car in the United States range from $ 31,250 to $ 40,800 for the top-end version.

Lean exterior and new details.

In the guise of Ford Explorer 2016 markedly diminished smooth and rounded shapes. They were replaced by straight lines and angular parts that make the car a more aggressive and gained lean look. So limber segmented near horizontal lines on the new bumper there was a silver lining. The grille is now located above and consists of four rows of flattened hexagons. Some people like it, is not it?

The edge of the windshield, on the other hand, fell slightly. Cross-country acquired a new head optics — if earlier it was almost triangular, now it is shaped like a box. Another innovation is the large U-shaped fog. All the lights, by the way, can be LED.


Other changes can be called updated scuff plates with silver accents and clearly expressed doors line the bottom and at the level of the door handles. Plastic circular kit, as before, from the bottom to protect the paint from damage gravel. The trunk lid has become more prominent, and the exhaust pipe (as in the past, underlined by narrow stoplights) acquired rectangular shape. But that is not all…

The new two-tone bumper is made inside — the same silver accent. Rear optics and updated, though not as dramatically as the front. As they say engineers involved in the development of a restyled version of the car with the body were removed unnecessary parts with a total weight of 45 kg. It is also not unimportant aspect. Now the weight of the SUV is 213 m 2 kg, and its aerodynamics and fuel consumption improved somewhat.

Components and power units.


2016 version of the SUV will be available in five trim levels: «Base», «XLT», «Limited», «Sport» and reach first «Platinum». Last has excellent two-tone 20-inch wheels. Now a closer look at the characteristics of the engines.

— The main engine will be a 2.3-liter unit with technology EcoBoost, borrowed from the «Mustang» and adapted to the SUV. Giving turbo engine will make 273 liters. from. of torque to 406 Nm (power and torque increased — respectively, 12.5% and 11%, improved performance and fuel).

— The package «XLT» and «Limited» saved the old 3.5-liter V-twin engine, issuing 294 «horses».

— Behind the Scenes 2016 Explorer Sport and Platinum is a V6 EcoBoost increased to 360 liters. from. power and torque of 474 Nm.

— In Russia, the new Ford Explorer will be available with two units adapted to the local road 3.5-liter V6 to 249 «horses» and torque up to 345 Nm, and the diesel engine with the same volume capacity of 294 liters. from.

All versions are equipped with high-tech transmission with intelligent all-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic SelectShift.

For the version of «Platinum» Another innovation will be the intelligent system TerrainManagement, adjustable handle the puck behind the checkpoint.

Technology is responsible for the intelligent all-wheel drive, regulates the behavior of the engine and suspension, and also works in five modes: track, sand, slopes, mud, snow. Modified independent suspension, designed to improve the manageability, provided racks «McPherson» in front and «mnogoryichazhka» behind.

Interior: luxury and practicality.

Spacious room with 7 seats, the rear ranks of which add up to a comfortable luggage, flat area, has been characteristic of previous versions of the SUV. We restyled models in the interior markedly more chrome, addressed earlier weaknesses and desires of customers. Here are the main changes.

1. Dashboard. Speedometer and tachometer are now located at the same level, the remaining information is displayed therebetween. This positioning devices must at times facilitate reading of data — so say the designers.

2. A system of multimedia. With traditionally large screen, two connectors USB, allows you to charge multiple devices, and one connector under the card SD. Touch keys, causes a lot of complaints from the owners of the previous versions of the car have been replaced by analog.

3. Options «Platinum» is rich trim with wood inserts marble-gray color, Ash and aluminum parts, multicontour seats of high-quality micro-perforated leather «Nirvana», fully digital devices, and a panoramic roof with a double hatch.

4. Handles armrests are slightly higher, which should increase the comfort of the driver and passengers.

5. 500-watt audio system SONY certainly not allow to get bored during the journey.

6. The updated steering wheel with control buttons multimedia system version «Platinum» has an insert made of wood. In addition, the steering wheel in the new configuration equipped with heating.

7. inscriptions «Explorer» New rugs are made in the style of sports cars.

8. There is a system adjusting the pedal assembly, which often lack vehicles of other brands.

Techno-new items, new windows and car parking system.

A closer look at a number of technical innovations acquired Ford Explorer.

1. Glass avtozatemneniem with the system, it will regulate the amount of sunlight in the cabin.

2. The front and rear cameras (for the top versions) with an advanced self-cleaning type.

3. Active valet, equipped with the system out of the parking lot and parallel parking, the driver does not require rotation of the steering wheel.

4. Radiator grille with automatic dampers that reduce energy loss and resistance to the oncoming air flow without the need to cool the engine.

5. Of course, the redesigned SUV is equipped with facilities characteristic of his earlier: climate control, heated seats, automatically opens the tailgate, etc.

So legendary car with an updated version promises to meet the expectations of a wide range of customers and become a worthy continuation of the traditions of the SUV, which has now become more confident on the road.

Test drive Ford Explorer 2016 года

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