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Ford Explorer 2022.

Ford Explorer 2022.

Ford Explorer 2022.

The luxurious American crossover Ford Explorer 2022 in the sixth generation can already be called a legendary car, which, unfortunately, is no longer sold in Russia, but presented on the European market.

This model is considered a serious competitor for Honda Pilot, Kia Mohave, Hyundai Palisade, Mazda CX-9.

For today the car is accessible to Europeans in two basic complete sets at the price from 6 185 000 to 6 660 000 roubles for versions ST-Line and Platinum accordingly.

It is worth recalling that the basic equipment of the car can be significantly expanded at the expense of «extras».

Technical characteristics

«American» in the current generation can boast not only rich packages, high prices and spectacular appearance (you can evaluate by photo in the article), but also excellent technical characteristics.

At the same time, the key parameters of the Ford Explorer 2022 in the new body is directly dependent on the power part of the model, which in the end, is also reflected in the prices.

It’s worth recalling that there are three powertrains to choose from on the car in the current version:

A 2.3-liter Touring gasoline engine that generates up to 300 horses and 420 N*m of torque;

Ford Explorer 2022.

3.0-liter twin-turbocharged gasoline engine producing 365 horsepower and 514 N*m of torque;

3.3-liter gasoline «atmospheric» engine, capable of delivering up to 457 «horses» and 825 N*m of torque (we are talking about the hybrid with a 13.6-kilowatt battery).

This model is distinguished by quite moderate fuel consumption despite its solid mass and volumetric units.

On the average, depending on the chosen modification the automobile will spend 8,4 — 11,8 liters of fuel per 100 km of run in the mixed cycle.

As a fuel is used gasoline brand AI-95. In the current version the car is equipped with a fuel tank of 76 liters (hybrids are equipped with a tank of 67 liters).

Regardless of which engine the buyer chooses, this model is equipped only with 10-speed automatic transmission. In addition, there is a four-wheel drive system (some available cars are presented with rear-wheel drive).

All models are equipped with a suspension, which automatically adjusts to terrain conditions while driving thanks to on-board electronics.

In the current design, the «American» is sold with five-seater interior, which can be expanded to seven seats for an extra fee.

The model has got standard dimensions for its class and price segment. The length of the car reaches 5,050 mm, width — 2 002 mm, height — 1 783 mm.

Wheelbase of the crossover is 3 025 mm. Ground clearance is 200 mm. The trunk of the car holds 515 liters of cargo.

Ford Explorer 2022.

Options and prices

As previously stated, the Ford Explorer 2022 car is now sold in Europe in two main versions. We are talking about the ST-Line package and the top version Platinum.

In «base» these options cost 6 185 000 and 6 660 000 rubles respectively in domestic currency terms.

Prices for a car with «extras» may be significantly higher than the base figures. Also the price tag is influenced by the power unit and drive type chosen by the buyer.

ST-Line .
It is worth noting that the highest prices for the car at 6,575,000 rubles are set for models with a hybrid powertrain. In the weakest versions, the price starts at 6,185,000 rubles. The equipment in the «base» includes options such as:

Ford Explorer 2022.

round-view cameras;
aluminum 20-inch disks;
Intelligent system of parking assistance;
Side mirrors with memory, electric drive and heating;
digital dashboard with a 12.3-inch screen;
lane-keeping system;
12-speaker acoustics;
multimedia with 10.1-inch touchscreen;
power trunk lid;
wireless charging in the cabin;
multifunction steering wheel;
leather upholstery of the seats;
panoramic glazing of the roof;
three-zone climate control;
adaptive cruise control;
front and rear parking radar;
factory tinted windows;
hands-free trunk opening function;
keyless entry system;
seven airbags;
power windows front and rear;
heated steering wheel and windshield;
driver fatigue control system.

Also already in the «base» equipment of this car includes numerous systems responsible for traffic control. The equipment includes a part-size spare tire, roof rails and a self-darkening interior mirror.

Platinum .
In terms of equipment, this isn’t a much richer version of the Ford Explorer 2022 compared to the ST-Line.

The model is sold at a price of 6,263,000 to 6,662,000 rubles, respectively, depending on the selected powertrain.

In addition to the equipment available in the «base», here the manufacturer has added equipment, including: decorative inserts in wood, chrome-plated sill plates, premium black leather interior upholstery, 20-inch wheels with a unique pattern, and an autopilot system.

It is worth noting that some of the options for this configuration, as well as for the previous version will have to buy separately.

Ford Explorer 2022.


The sixth generation of American SUV will please its owner with bright and showy appearance with touches of brutality.

The front side of the car turned out aggressive with a predominance of sports outlines.

Cross by tradition received a massive grille, as well as two-level optics.

The exterior is spectacularly complemented by a powerful dodger around the perimeter of the body with numerous elements of chrome, which as if emphasizes the premium status of the car.

Inside, as well as outside, the «American» looks extremely effective. Here the abundance of elements of decor prevails, which systematically combines with branded practicality of the company Ford.

On the face of a successful layout of controls, as well as a variety of interior components, which make the overall picture more saturated and interesting.

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