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Ford Explorer 2024.

Ford Explorer 2024.

Ford Explorer 2024.

Ford is testing an updated Ford Explorer with an innovative interior in 2024.

Well-camouflaged front and rear, the 2024 Ford Explorer Facelift has made a surprise appearance at the brand’s test facility in the US.

The crossover hides a new exterior and a more refined interior. But this prototype is different from the model presented in China last year.

Ford has been working on a planned update of the Explorer SUV for a relatively long time.

Almost three years ago, Ford Explorer returned to the European market after several years of absence.

The preference of buyers from the Old Continent for Ford models appeared not so long ago, so the call for attention was followed by the expected response, which materialized with the launch of this fashion.

The brand has taken advantage of plug-in hybrid technology to greatly reduce the emissions of the Explorer, which offers plenty of interior space and trunk cargo volume.

The brand is already working on a matching facelift, as shown in these first spy photos.

The most interesting of these spy photos is its new interior.

The photo spy was able to take a look at the dashboard, where you can see a very important facelift, revealing a new digital display for the instrument cluster with brighter and more legible graphics, as well as a new screen attached to the center console.

Ford Explorer 2024.

Images show that the crossover has nothing to do with the large 27-inch screen featured in the updated Explorer for the Chinese market, which debuted last year.

On the other hand, the 10.1-inch infotainment screen of the model sold is now horizontal and on the center console instead of vertically protruding a few millimeters from the instrument dome.

The central vent that separates both screens no longer exists.

Ford Explorer 2024.

The Sync 4 multimedia system with a typical Android Auto display suggests that the platform has been revised and is now based on Google technology with a new operating system.

The car has already entered road tests in camouflage, which only partially covers the body.

Thanks to this, new details have emerged about the future of the 2024 Ford Explorer.

In particular, the changes will be more of a point character and will not lead to a radical revision of the appearance, as previously happened with an SUV that is sold in China.

Ford Explorer 2024.

Judging by the published images, Ford will rework the front of the body, installing a new grille and LED optics here.

Both bumpers will also undergo some adjustment. But the overall shape of the body should remain unchanged.

More extensive modernization awaits the salon. But even inside the Explorer for the US market will be noticeably different from what is sold in China.

In particular, the SUV will not receive a 27-inch display.

For the US, they will prepare a more familiar touch screen, which, nevertheless, is large in size.

Ford Explorer 2024.

The American SUV will also be equipped with a digital instrument panel and new driver’s assistants.

There is a definite possibility that Ford will prepare the recently introduced 2.3-liter turbocharged engine for the Explorer.

This unit has changed the ratio of cylinder diameter to stroke and a number of other structural details.

The declared maximum output of the engine is 315 hp. with a traction moment of 474 N * m.

The current Explorer is equipped with a turbo engine of the same volume, delivering up to 310 hp. and 420 N * m.

It is possible that a bi-turbo unit with a return of 400 hp will also be prepared for the new SUV.

The Ford Explorer Facelift will be introduced before the end of the year and will go on sale in the US and Europe in mid-2024.

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