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Ford Focus ST 2021.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

Was the unusual American hatchback surprising?
Ukraine, for example, is already taking orders for the new Ford Focus ST family.

During a special meeting in Croatian Split, the European division of Ford presented two new cars at once — the Ford Ranger Raptor and a new version of the upgraded Focus ST.

It will be about the front-wheel drive «pumped-over» golf-class car, which is the «C» segment according to the European classification.

What about appearance?

If we compare the new version with the previous car, it has changed in all directions — it has become more attractive inside and out, “moved” to a fundamentally new “cart”, and also got new turbocharged engines, which had a positive effect on dynamics.

If we take the exterior of the new Ford Focus ST IX, then it has an attractive, balanced and energetic appearance, but does not stand out much against the background of simple «civilian» versions.

You can recognize the «hot» modification of the car by slightly more aggressive bumpers, a massive spoiler on the rear door, two spaced apart «trunks» of the exhaust system, original 18- or 19-inch rollers, as well as nameplates with the name of the version in front and behind.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

The wheels have received Dark Sparkle and Magnetite designs. They are fitted with special low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

If you install the Performance Pack, the hatchback is equipped with red brake calipers. The “charged” car palette boasts the following shades: Orange Fury, Blue Fury, Frozen White, Magnetic Gray, Race Red, Ruby Red, and Shadow Black.

The interior of the ST version of the 4th generation Focus has a beautiful, modern design. Not without some controversial decisions, as well as memorable details.

The sportier version of the 4th generation Ford Focus ST can be identified with the help of the sport steering wheel with a “puffy” rim, special decor, front Recaro bucket seats with pronounced lateral support, as well as stiff padding and the “ST” logo.

Interestingly, on the steering wheel, under the thumb of the right hand, the engineers installed a mode switch, which was not previously found in any Focus ST.

There is also a separate Sport button.
The Americans have equipped the new product with a dashboard that displays on-board information (for example, boost pressure and oil temperature), a 4.2-inch display.

The hatchback easily accepts 4 more passengers, except for the driver. On the seats, soft inserts on the console and part of the door panels, there is a gray stitching that decorates the interior and distinguishes the interior from the basic version.

The luggage compartment is 374 liters. However, if necessary, it can be increased by removing the rear backrests, which already provides 1,354 liters of usable space.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

Technical component

The engine compartment of the Ford Focus ST 4 can only accommodate 2 engines with a four-cylinder layout.

The gasoline engine is a 2.3-liter power plant, which has a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection, an electronically controlled control valve, variable valve timing, and a 16-valve DOHC gas distribution mechanism. All this allows the «engine» to generate 280 horsepower (420 Nm).

For lovers of diesel engines, engineers have provided a 2.0-liter EcoBlue tubed engine with an intercooler, a Common Rail battery power system, an integrated intake manifold, a gas recirculation channel built into the block head, and a 16-valve timing.

As a result, the 2.0-liter engine produces 190 horsepower (400 Nm). It should be noted that this is the most powerful diesel engine in the entire history of the ST.

As for the gearbox, the turbocharged diesel engine only comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. All torque is transmitted to the front wheels.

There is an imitation of interwheel blocking, which uses wheel braking. But the gasoline power plant is synchronized by default with the mechanical 6-speed wheels (if you pay extra, you can set the automatic adjustment of the crankshaft speed when switching).

There is also an eLSD differential, which has an electronically controlled disc lock from BorgWarner. As a separate option, you can install a 7-band robotic gearbox, which has received paddle shifters.

In addition, she knows how to adapt to the driving style.
The petrol version accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds.

Diesel versions take 7.6 seconds for this. The maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour for gasoline engines and 220 kilometers per hour for diesel engines.

As the basis for the fourth generation Ford Focus ST, the Americans decided to use the C2 front-wheel-drive architecture, which implies a transversely oriented engine and body, in the power structure of which high-strength steel grades were widely used.

The basic equipment includes fully independent suspensions: the front part has received a McPherson type design, and the rear has a multi-link system.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

Cars with diesel «engines» receive only a passive chassis, but petrol versions can boast of adaptive electronically controlled shock absorbers that have several operating modes.

Any modification has a rack and pinion steering unit with a built-in active electric amplifier.

All wheels of the Ford Focus ST 4 have ventilated disc brakes: the front ones have two-piston calipers and 330-mm discs, and the rear single-piston devices and 302-mm «pancakes».

It is worth noting some technical differences between the «charged» version of the Ford Focus.

The car has an original suspension, where the ground clearance is reduced by 10 millimeters, and there are also stiffer springs (the front springs are 20 percent stiffer, and the rear ones are 13).

The steering gear is equipped with a different geometry, sharper response, and travel from lock to lock (15 percent «shorter» than the basic version of the Focus).

The braking system of the ST model has an Electric Brake Booster.

The maximum equipment has 4 riding modes — Slippery / Wet for riding in snow and rain, Normal, Sport and the optional Track from the Performance Pack.

How much to buy and how can the Ford Focus ST 4 complete set please.

In Europe, for example in Germany, the sales of the new Ford Focus ST started from this summer from 32,900 euros (approximately 2,300,000 rubles).

This cost is based on the basic version with a diesel installation. As for Russia, it is unlikely that the car will get there at all, since Russians are not even offered a simple “civilian” version.

Ford Focus ST 2021.

The basic equipment of the new Ford Focus ST 4 has:

A whole scattering of airbags;
Electronic systems ABS, ESP;
LED optics;
Adaptive cruise control;
Media center with color screen;
Dual-zone climate control;
18-inch «rollers»;
High quality audio system and much more.


If you are wondering whether it is worth overpaying for a «charged» ST version, while a regular Focus can now be bought in a basic version from 16 400 euros, and a 125-horsepower, coming with an 8-speed automatic transmission in a good Business package, for 22,500 euros, then you’ve just never driven the ST version.

Outwardly, even internally, these cars look the same, but in practice they are different cars, so it is not correct to compare them in price.

Those who love drive will clearly appreciate the «fancy» version at its true worth. Such people will not regret paying even 32 thousand euros for it, since they will be able to “make” a Porsche Cayenne from the start, which cannot but provoke.

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