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Ford GT40 Everatti.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

The Ford GT40 electric supercar will have 800 horsepower and a range of 200 km.

The British company Everatti, which specializes in transforming classic cars into electric cars, told us about its latest project.

It is a «green» modification of the iconic Ford GT40 supercar, which the tuner is ready to make to order.

Such electric car will get a two-motor electric propulsion system and all-wheel drive.

Total efficiency of a pair of electric motors is 800 horsepower. The electric supercar will reach a hundred faster than in four seconds.

For safety of pedestrians and cyclists the electric car is equipped with a special system that imitates the sound of an ordinary motor.

The battery of 46 kWh is responsible for 200 kilometers of electric mileage. This is quite modest by modern standards.

The basis of the electric car is a steel space frame. The suspension in the front and rear is fully independent, with Bilstein shock absorbers.

The brakes are discs. Depending on the customer’s preferences the truck could be right-handed or left-handed.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

The interior is upholstered with black leather seats with the original decor of silver rivets.

The list of basic equipment includes air conditioning.

Optionally, there is a possibility of installing a safety cage.

The price of such a high-performance electric car is not named. The company promises to tell the potential customer personally.

The Evaratti twin-engine power plant is the same as in today’s high-performance electric cars.

The Ford GT lineup has entered the final stages of production, adding another chapter to the legendary GT40 pedigree.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

Examples of the new model were available for purchase, but only if the company approves your application and you have the means to match its high price tag.

Fortunately, for those who want a truly historic GT40 driving experience, several manufacturers around the world are creating matching replicas and continuation models.

Usually these creations are equipped with a V8 engine to retain their original «muscle car» look, but with the growing interest in electrification and fuel costs, some consumers are considering electrifying them.

Adding an electric system to a classic car is not a new concept. Some manufacturers are even considering entering the market on their own.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

Evaratti is an electrification specialist that recently began producing eco-friendly powertrains for legendary cars like the Porsche 911.

Last year, the company announced that it was also starting work on a sample GT40 in collaboration with replica experts from Superformance.

This particular firm has created such a name for itself in the replica world that both Ford and Shelby are allowed to add replicas of their models to their official roster.

Ford GT40 Everatti.

With the project announced and the concept revealed, there was very little information about the details, but the small companies made some progress on the final design and released a set of full technical specs and equipment, both standard and optional.

Evaratti confirms that the electrified GT40 will use a twin-engine drive system, not much different from those found in today’s high-performance electric cars.

Power output has been estimated at 800 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque, giving it an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

It will be powered by a relatively small 46 kWh liquid-cooled battery pack with a range of more than 200 km.

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