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Ford Kuga: Update 2016.

Ford Kuga: Update 2016.

Ford Kuga, known in America as the Ford Escape — pretty popular midsize crossover with a pleasant and practical set of intelligent systems. To maintain consumer interest in the model, the manufacturer has decided to upgrade its best-selling.

The new Ford Kuga has been only slightly modified compared to the previous version. Crossover platform remained the same, but the line became aggressive, so we can not talk about the full restyling, but only a facelift. The updated Kuga is based on platform C of Ford, which the manufacturer uses for all of its latest models.

Exterior Ford Kuga.

Grille in new cars became hexagonal, very similar to the bars of the Ford Edge. Light engineering (both front and rear) has been upgraded to LED. The front bumper has increased, so that now it is perfect fit daytime running lights and fog. For more sophistication, many details of the exterior chrome trim received, which should in some measure to attract buyers.

Representatives of Ford said they plan to use more aluminum parts to reduce the weight of cars, which together with improved aerodynamics should have a positive impact on fuel economy. It was also announced the availability as an option the large alloy wheels, xenon headlights and the luggage on the roof. The system of opening the door of the 5th leg, which first appeared in Kuge, remained unchanged.


The interior of the third generation.

Like the outside, the inside Kuga hardly changed. The manufacturer made some changes to the design, to do everything to increase the ergonomics and convenience of the interior space of cars. We are waiting for further possible settings and «smart» functions. In the first place changes affected the multifunction steering wheel and center console with new controls.

Caused a lot of criticism because of poor sensitivity and periodic freezes program shell MyFord, which is being developed at Microsoft, it has been sent to the dump. It was replaced Sync 3, which, according to the manufacturer, has a lower response time and an intuitive interface. It will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on the center console, and, as previously MyFord, can be synchronized with your smartphone.

The quality of finishing materials is impressive, but the cabin is not much storage space for personal items, as desired. Front seats — soft and comfortable, have a lot of adjustments and settings. Despite the conversion, some elements still awkward to use. For example, for climate control have much to bend forward and down, and the audio interface is simply lost in the row of buttons on a small display.

To all this, of course, you can quickly get used to, but at the beginning of such defects will be annoying. However, already in the database of Ford Kuga 2016 will include the following equipment: a touch screen entertainment system with GPS, voice control, air conditioning (2 zones), adjustable steering wheel height and reach, 6-channel audio system, rear camera species, parking assistant, USB-connector and socket in the cabin.

Control via the center console is quite simple and functional — it is convenient to use on the go, including using the controller on the steering wheel. By default, the crossover 5-seater, but you can order an additional optional third row of seats. However, despite a number of significant improvements, Ford’s competitors are not left behind.

Same Mazda CX-May 2016 has much better dynamic acceleration and more convenient to manage entertainment and information system. Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 — easier to manage and more spacious in the cabin, but they do not offer such a large number of engines to choose from. However, on the set of options and features Ford Kuga is one of the best crossover of its price segmen



Ford decided not to change the full range of engines for the updated crossover. Rather, the primary will be the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine produces 168 hp Other available engine — the turbocharged EcoBoost 1.6-liter and a power of 180 horses. And finally, the top-end power unit — a 2-liter EcoBoost inline-240 forces. All engines are equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Ford Kuga is based only front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive system will be available as an option. It is also possible to install the control system for the exit lane, tire pressure sensor, plugs warm up, blind spot monitoring system and more. Like the previous generation, the updated Kuga is equipped with driver and passenger airbags and side curtain airbags.

By dynamic characteristics Kuga is one of the leaders among the compact crossovers. Planting the driver is at the level of a sports hatchback, the car responds to commands quickly and accurately. Small bumps crossover did not notice, and indeed on the Kuga driving comfort than many competitors.

Most of the buyers, of course, choose a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine on because of its efficiency. However, the 2-liter engine with a slight increase in fuel consumption demonstrates better dynamics. Even if the gas pedal is pressed to the floor, with the older engine Kuga better to keep the speed, but with a minor engine «automatic» and then tries to downshift. The good news is that turbocharged engines are equally quiet and smooth.

Price Ford Kuga 2016.

Ford Kuga new model year was outwardly more aggressive and dynamic car. It has traditionally embodied many of the advanced technologies that could not find its competitors. The success of the new generation Kuga is no doubt: with this set of options and specifications crossover will be willing to buy.

Final release date updated crossover will be known after the official presentation. Kuga 2016, likely will remain in the range of previous price, starting at around $ 25,000.


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