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Ford Mondeo 2022.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

Another bestseller that left the Russian market from Ford. Ford Mondeo 2022 is currently presented on the European market as a sedan or wagon.

The car can be called a direct competitor for the Kia K5, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda 6 and Toyota Camry.

To date, the model is sold in European dealerships in four basic configurations at a price of 2,886,000 to 4,099,000 rubles for the Trend and Vignale variations, respectively.

It should be noted that these are not final prices as the price for the model greatly depends on the additional equipment and selected powertrain.

Technical Specifications

The car Ford Mondeo 2022 in the current generation stands apart from direct competitors, as it has noticeable differences in packages and price.

In addition, this car has noticeably different technical specifications and appearance, which emphasizes the status of the business car.

In the new body, the American model, focused on Europe, got even more presentable appearance, which you can evaluate by photo in the article.

European motorists «American» is available in gasoline and diesel versions, as well as in modifications with a «soft» hybrid.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

The model in this version is fitted with such power units as:

1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 178 horsepower and 210 N*m;
2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with output of 237 hp and 366 N*m;
1.5-liter turbodiesel with 118 hp and 280 N*m of torque;
2.0-liter turbodiesel with 277 hp and 360 N*m of torque.

Regardless of the chosen modification, this car is offered only with an 8-speed automatic transmission and with the system of drive on the front wheel axle.

This model has traditionally good dynamics with acceleration from a place to first 100 km/h for impressive 7.8 — 10.5 seconds.

Top speed of the American is limited to 190 — 220 km/h. On average, this car will spend 5.6 — 8.0 liters of fuel for every 100 km run.

Consumption is noticeably less in the versions with turbodiesels. According to the level of harmful emissions, this «American» is fully compliant with the environmental standard Euro-6.

Presented in Europe, the car of premium class has established itself as a spacious five-seater model with standard for its segment dimensions.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

The length of the car reaches 4,871 mm, width 1,852 mm, height 1,482 mm. Wheelbase of this model is 2 850 mm.

Ground clearance is 158 mm. The luggage compartment easily holds up to 453 liters of cargo. The fuel tank is designed for 62 liters of fuel (diesel or gasoline AI-95 depending on the modification).

Options and prices

Buy this model buyers can buy in packages: Trend, Titanium, ST-Line, Vignale. The cost ranges from 2,886,000 to 4,099,000 rubles, respectively.

Equipment of the model in any configuration can be expanded at the expense of additional options for a fee.

The most affordable version of the car, the prices for which start from the mark of 2,886,000 rubles in terms of Russian currency.

Ford Mondeo 2022 is equipped with a standard set of driving aids, including ABS, EBD, ESP, HAC, BAS.

A more interesting configuration at the cost of 3,278,000 rubles.

This generation of the car receives a more complete set of equipment, including such options as 17-inch alloy wheels, power side mirrors and heated, roof rails, regular navigation, heated windshield, front and rear parking radars, keyless access system. In the hybrid version the car will cost 3,580,000 rubles.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

ST-Line .
In terms of technical equipment, this is almost the same generation as the previous version.

The key difference of this model is the presence of the appropriate body perimeter dodger, as well as the presence of many decorative inserts and ST-Line nameplates.

In addition, this version received wheels with a unique pattern. Evaluated such a car in dealer centers from 3,580,000 rubles.

Vignale .
The richest configuration to date Ford Mondeo 2022 with a price tag from 4,099,000 rubles.

The equipment of this version of the car looks more interesting, as it includes such options as: 18-inch alloy wheels, leather interior upholstery, rear view camera, factory window tinting, premium sound system.


Ford Mondeo with the release of the fifth generation often began to be confused with the more expensive cars of the company Aston Martin, and it is not surprising, since in front there is a massive chrome grille.

Only for this element many motorists started to buy the premium sedan apiece. With the release of restyling the cosmetic component became even more attractive.

Ford Mondeo 2022.

For this reason this model has acquired sports outlines, guaranteeing close attention on the roads of public use.

Due to this design solution the car looks noticeably more expensive than it really is.

If you pay attention to the interior, it is made in the traditional style of the company, with the preservation of intelligent design solutions.

The interior looks qualitative, rich and quite practical. It successfully combines conservative elements of decor with ultra-modern technological moments.

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