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Ford Mustang 2021.

Ford Mustang 2021.

Ford Mustang 2021.

Ford Mustang 2021: a novelty of the corporate line in the bodies of «fastback coupe» and «convertible».

In a new, more perfect embodiment, the Ford Mustang 2021 model is announced in the «convertible» and «fastback coupe» bodies.

The extreme restyling of the legendary American Mustang series car has identified itself:

• originality of the new body design;
• extended functionality of the equipment;
• unique for its class dynamic traction and speed characteristics of power units.


The exterior of the novelty is dominated by the details of the racing-sports layout and a pronounced aggressive style. In the photo and advertising videos, the new model demonstrates:

• long bonnet stepped profiles;
• aggressive squint of multifunctional head optics;
• polygonal contour and coarse mesh of the radiator cladding.

Ford Mustang 2021.

Recognizable structural elements of the new sports cars are present in the lower segment of the extended front end.

In the field of view — a stepped ribbed profile of the bumper, a textured mesh of an additional air duct and a pair of combined anti-fog optics integrated into the side diffusers.

The décor of the front side of the case is marked by the bright chrome plating of the brand logo and dynamic details of an expressive stepped relief.

In the lateral projection, the new body is not only stylish and attractive, but also very presentable in all respects.

Available: the arched curvature of the low-set roof, the matte plastic perimeter of the side window, the black pillars of the body-colored modern mirror housings and the harmonious combination of longitudinal embossed profiles.

The sporty ambience of the sidewalls complements the design of the branded 20-inch wheels. The status of a semi-sports high-class car is confirmed by impeccable aerodynamics and low, racing, body fit.

When viewed from the rear side, the 2021 Ford Mustang in the fastback configuration attracts attention:

• compact size of the trunk lid;
• the presence of a spoiler lip;
• branded layout and modern branded graphics shaded with black glossy overlay lanterns.

Ford Mustang 2021.

The lower segment of the stern includes a ribbed bumper profile, a set of fog lamps, a plastic body kit with exhaust pipes built into the sidewalls and a metal protective panel.

According to independent experts, the modernized Mustang of the 2021 model, which has been modernized in many respects, effectively combines the traditional corporate identity and new layout and design solutions in its design.


The comfortable salon is decorated in the defiant «premium» style. The range includes exceptionally beautiful and durable finishing materials.

The composition and working functionality of technical and electronic equipment is not inferior to analogs of other automotive brands of the same type in terms of parameters and price level.

In particular, the front panel is unwittingly associated with the dashboard of a premium car. In stock:

• digital version of the instrument panel with arrow indicators and a readable full-format diagonal of the media-command display;

• block layout of the center console with three round deflectors, a media command display and a control panel for quick activation of comfort-generating and functional equipment;

• a low tunnel with a joystick for shifting the transmission, numerous organizers and an armrest, which at the same time serves as a cover for a large refrigerating chamber.

Ford Mustang 2021.

In the opinion of the supervising experts, the characteristics of service, media and navigation electronics in line with new trends are impeccable in all respects.

Some of the command functions are assigned to the command button blocks located on the front plane of the sports steering wheel. The pilot seat service of the popular Recaro brand includes in its potential several adjustment ranges, heating, ventilation and multi-mode vibration massage.

Landing and travel comfort of the back sofa leaves much to be desired. Its main disadvantages are a low roof and a lack of free legroom.

Unfortunately, the fastback coupe body configuration provides for an increase in the standard volume of the 408-liter trunk due to the rearrangement of the rear seats.


In the new interpretation of the fast coupe, the Ford Mustang 2021 retained the proportional indicators of the external dimensions of its predecessor in the ratios of 4784 x 1916 and 1381 mm.

The indisputable advantages of the running gear are the proprietary CD4 bogie, 2720 mm of the center base length, fully independent MacPhersonian and comfortable multi-link suspension, efficient operation of travel stabilization mechanisms, electronic road safety circuits, several size versions of brake discs.

By default, the entire list of 2021 Mustangs will receive a three-mode power steering system and an automatic rear axle differential lock.

Ford Mustang 2021.

• The power tandem consists of a 2.3-liter turbocharged petrol EcoBoost four with an output of 317 hp / 432 Nm and a 10-band automated transmission.

• The test drive confirmed the time of the first hundred, indicated in the information and technical bulletins, — 5.8 seconds, the maximum speed of 250 km / h and the economical fuel consumption, within 8.6-10 liters.

Options and prices

The new Ford Mustang 2021 model year is promised in several trim levels, with an initial cost of 38 to 48 thousand dollars.

In any solution, the price of a specific model is formed by the composition and functional properties of additional options.

Competing models

In the new generation of the edition, Mustang has already acquired a list of real competitors of 37 items. At the top of the list are Chevrolet Camaro, Maserati Ghibli, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Jaguar F-TYPE and BMW i8.

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