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Ford Mustang 2024.

Ford Mustang 2024.

Ford Mustang 2024.

The seventh generation Ford Mustang may debut in September: all information about the novelty.

An unknown source said that the Ford Mustang 2024 should debut as early as September this year.

Ford representatives have not confirmed this rumor in any way, but said that the debut is getting closer and closer.

Before that, there was information that the updated muscle car should show to the world on April 17, 2023.

That’s the day the 1964 model debuted. If the car will be shown in September, then in April the American brand may do something else, for example, to launch production or open the possibility of ordering the car.

However, there is no official confirmation of that yet. We know that the new Mustang will definitely get a V8 engine, because test prototypes with this powertrain have been spotted.
Afterwards, this news was confirmed by the company.

It is also known that Ford plans to take part in GT3 races again with this model.

Ford Mustang 2024.

Production of the seventh generation of the car will take place at the same plant where they produce the current version.

There is a big chance that the car will be offered with a four-cylinder engine EcoBoost and a V8.

Ford Mustang 2024.

They may be carried over from the current generation. Most likely, a six-speed manual transmission will also be available, because it was shown in the announcement.

Rumor has it that we may see a hybrid Ford Mustang in the future. The setup will be based on a V8 engine.

So, it will be a very powerful all-wheel drive version of the car. A lot of test prototypes of the model have been spotted recently.

Ford Mustang 2024.

They show that the automaker is actively engaged in development. There is no denying the fact that the debut of the car may take place as early as the beginning of the fall.

Production should start in the first half of 2023.

Two sources have suggested that the car will have portable engines.

Ford Mustang 2024.

Earlier reports indicated that the turbocharged four-cylinder engine would gain a slight performance improvement to generate 320 horsepower.

Longer term, Ford has already confirmed plans for a hybrid variant.

When it was announced in 2018, the automaker said the model would provide V8-like performance with lower torque.

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