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GAC AION V Plus 2022.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

GAC AION V Plus 2022. Popular in Russia, GAC launches the new «space» crossover AION V Plus.

Just a few days ago Chinese spies managed to take a picture of the new GAC AION V Plus.

The model has undergone another platform upgrade, but this time it has received serious changes in terms of both external design and interior.

And now, finally, there is official information about the launch of sales of the novelty.

The GAC AION V Plus will appear in showrooms already on September 29.

The body design has been significantly refined and even got its own name.

The manufacturer called this look «Star Wars Warhead». What to say, and the novelty looks really futuristic.

Of course, it would be problematic to imagine that Darth Vader sits behind a wheel of this crossover, but still the impression is created as from the car from the future.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

At the first sight at the GAC AION V Plus it can seem that it is made of a single piece of aluminium. Instead of a radiator grille, there is only a small vent in the lower part of the bumper.

The door handles have a retractable design, and the headlights look like this car is about to talk to you in the language of R2D2.

If you compare the GAC AION V Plus with the current «Mecha Beast» design style, the novelty looks much more exotic, modern and gives the impression that the body has exemplary aerodynamics.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

When you look from the side the body of the model is very similar to the previous version with its «floating» roof and two-color wheels with five spokes.

If desired, the coloring can be changed. In addition to the bare aluminum color, the manufacturer will offer two shades: Symphony Extreme Purple and Star Man Green.

The rear end of the body has changed noticeably in detail. For example, the design of the headlights changed its vertical position to horizontal. In addition,

the headlights have become a little smaller. The update looks awesome, especially when you notice how the taillights transition seamlessly into the door handles.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

Inside, compared to the old model, where the front panel had one small screen, now there are two screens. It’s too early to judge how convenient it is, but it looks impressive.

The steering wheel has a two-spoke design and tightly packed in two small blocks multimedia controls. In the center is a 15.6-inch display with a very narrow border on the edges.

GAC AION V Plus 2022.

The picture is excellent, not worse than on modern tablets. And inside it has a huge variety of functions.

If we talk about power, the new GAC AION V Plus will come with batteries of three different capacities.

But at the moment, alas, only approximate battery specifications have been announced, which are 70 kWh, 80 kWh and 95 kWh.

The car will have three versions with a range of 500 km, 600 km and 702 km.

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