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GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

The updated GAC Aion Y Plus 2023 electric hatchback has become larger and more powerful.

GAC has presented an updated version of the electric hatchback Aion Y, which received prefix «Plus» in the name during restyling.

Five-door model year 2023 is easily recognized by a different front bumper with reduced central air intake. The car also got new headlights, while the rear lights are now united with a crosspiece.

The license plate area has moved from the rear bumper to the fifth door, which became a little more voluminous.

Also the Chinese have revised the color palette of the body and design of available wheels (can be from 17 to 19 inches in diameter).

The interior remains recognizable, but the central tunnel has lost all the physical buttons and handles, and the empty place was taken by the cupholders with niches for mobile gadgets.

The Chinese also abandoned the puck shift of transmission modes — now its functionality is placed on the right paddle lever.

An updated hatchback got 10.25-inch virtual dashboard and has a 14.6-inch multimedia system display.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

The latter was before, but now it has a revised menu graphic. Plus, karaoke and movie theater modes are designed to please the passengers.

Interestingly, if desired, the interior of the Aion Y Plus 2023 can be turned into a full bed.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

To do this, the list of options includes an inflatable mattress, which is adjusted under the relief of the interior.

During the restyling, the five-door has noticeably increased in size: its overall length was increased to 4,535 mm (+ 125), although the wheelbase remains the same — 2,750 mm.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

The developers didn’t have to change the body seriously (the roof and side panels remained the same), and almost the entire increase came from the rear overhang.

Compared to its predecessor, the volume of the trunk increased by 39 liters.

The updated hatchback is powered by an electric motor installed on the front axle, the output of which was increased to 204 hp (+ 20), but the torque remained the same — 225 Nm.

GAC Aion Y Plus 2023.

As before, the electric car is offered with two traction batteries — 64 or 77 kWh.

The first of them provides a range of up to 510 km, and the second — up to 610 km (on the CLTP cycle).

The gain in both cases was 10 km. In China, taking orders for the Aion Y Plus has already started — for a car asking from $ 19,700 (1.2 million rubles at current exchange rates).

By the way, it’s $300 (18,000 rubles) more expensive than the initial version of the pre-reformed model.

While the top versions have become more affordable — the most expensive version now costs $25,300 (1.5 million rubles), while earlier it was $26,800 (1.6 million rubles).


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