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GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

Revived GAZ-3110 «Volga» 2022-2023 with Volkswagen features is presented.

Recent rumors suggest that the Russian car company GAZ may return to the passenger car segment, and the first model of this type to come off the assembly line will not be a crossover, but a revived «Volga» sedan.

A Russian designer for the automobile portal «» showed on his renders how, in his opinion, the best-selling Soviet, and later Russian, car market could look.

According to analysts, the revived GAZ-3110 2022-2023 could become super-popular on our market, but under several conditions.

The main one is the model cheapness, i.e. its «base» price should not exceed 1 million rubles in order to leave behind such competitors as Hyundai Sonata and KIA Cerato.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

It is said that the new sedan may be based on the Jetta VA3 sedan, which is sold in China.

By the way, the Jetta is a sub-brand of Volkswagen, which produces inexpensive but quite popular models exclusively in China.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

Thus, the basis of the revived GAZ «Volga» 2022-2023 could be the platform MQB-A1, which, in fact, is built on the sedan Jetta VA3.

Together with the platform, the domestic model will take over many of the technological solutions characteristic of the German model, sold in China.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

One of these solutions could become CPS with three different modes of sensitivity of the steering wheel, this option allows more efficient control of the model depending on traffic conditions.

It is stated that the overall body dimensions of the model will be 4501/1704/1469 mm, which is the length, width and height, respectively.

GAZ-3110 Volga 2022-2023.

Also from VS3 sedan GAZ-3110 2022-2023 will take over the engine part. At the moment, the German sedan is available with an atmospheric 1.5-liter power unit with 112 hp.

It is capable of interacting with a manual 5-speed or automatic 6-speed transmission.

The technical parameters of the model will make it possible to set a humane price tag for the Russian model.


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