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GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

The first photorenders of the new GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023 based on SAIC were presented.

Revived GAZ-M-20 «Victory» became an electric sedan on the renders of independent designers portal.

After the statement of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin that the former Moscow plant Renault will produce revived «Moskvichi», the network began to remember other iconic Soviet models more often.

The editorial of decided to bring back to life the legendary Soviet «Victory», if only in digital images.

Our designers depicted on renders a stylish electric sedan based on the new Chinese electric car Zhiji L7.

For those who hear the name of this young brand for the first time, we note that it is a joint brand of Alibaba and SAIC — IM.

The English version of the name (as well as the slogan) of the new brand stands for Intelligence in Motion. In Chinese, the brand is called Zhiji Auto.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

Revived «Victory» has become larger than its predecessor: 5098 mm vs. 4,665 mm, changed the transmission and tried a completely different design — more modern and technologically advanced.

From the donor electric car Russian model borrowed streamlined body shape with smooth lines (a reference to the original Soviet car), as well as laconic cambers.

Designers decided to make the front end as distinctive as possible, as well as the roof line.

They abandoned the intricate headlights Chinese electric car, redesigned the bumpers and changed the front grille. But design of wheel disks reminds Zhiji L7.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

The beveled stern in the spirit of the original «Victory» retained the thin headlights of the «Chinese», linked by a luminous strip and resembling a single element.

In addition to individual exterior details, the revived «Victory» would borrow the platform and engine range from the Chinese donor.

At home, the electric sedan gets two CATL battery options. The first variant would be suitable for the electric «Victory» — a battery with a capacity of 94 kWh, providing a range of 615 km.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

The second modification with 118 kWh batteries and a range of 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.

The electric car is equipped with a twin-engine power plant with a total output of 544 hp, which allows the car to accelerate to a hundred in just 3.9 seconds.

The Chinese electric sedan also gets a set of cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors and lidar.

However, we did not attribute the level of autonomy to the revived «Victory», limiting ourselves only to the new electric transmission.

GAZ-M-20 Victory 2022-2023.

GAZ-M-20 «Victory» in the image of an electric sedan sounds quite bold, but this approach corresponds to the current trend towards electrification.

The same Moskvich is going to be produced with an all-electric engine.

And we remember that the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said at SPIEF-2022 that Russia can resume the production of Volga and «Victory» cars.

However, he did not give a specific timeline. On the market, the «Victory» electric sedan could compete with Tesla models.

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