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GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 2020.

GAZ Sobol Next 4x4 2020

GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 2020.

GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 2020: a promising model of an all-wheel drive commercial vehicle.
The increased demand for multi-profile commercial vehicles of Russian production initiated the next restyling of the popular Gorky mini-van, which will enter the market under the name GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 2020.

Modified in terms of operational reliability and resource extension, the new model practically got rid of most of the structural and design flaws of its predecessor. The cargo-passenger SUV, modernized in a number of parameters, received more advanced off-road and driving characteristics.

The novelty of the lineup in the body of the «all-metal van» with three- and five-seater salons is also promised in the modifications «pickup» and «minibus». The whole range is characterized by the presence of increased cabin comfort and extended functionality of the onboard equipment.


In terms of appearance, operating parameters and safety level, the new version of the Russian commercial vehicle is practically identical to its European counterparts of the same type.

GAZ Sobol Next 4x4 2020

Even a superficial analysis of the photo allows us to conclude that in relation to the early models, the updated Sable of the 2020 model received a somewhat aggressive, at the same time practical and functional body design. Attention is attracted by:

• equal angles of inclination of a large-sized windshield and a compact hood decorated with ribbed sides;

• compact format of radiator lining enclosed in a plastic perimeter and futuristic configuration of elongated head optics units.

The fog lamps integrated into the side inserts look somewhat old-fashioned. The disadvantage is compensated by the decorative properties of the stepped relief elements.

The design of the front end is completed by a slightly protruding massive embossed bumper with a platform for a registration plate and towing eyes. The special configuration of the new Sobol includes a portable winch.

In the profile projection, the new body demonstrates a flat roofline supplemented with roof rails, a vertical arrangement of large-format mirrors, reinforced with longitudinal stepped sidewalls with doorways for the cargo compartment and the cabin.

The design features of the new Sobol Next series: volumetric wheel arches, equipped with wide-profile rubber 17-inch wheels and off-road clearance.

Almost 90% of the aft area is occupied by a double-leaf door, convenient for handling bulky cargo. There are vertical lights placed on the side posts and a massive bumper combined with a step with built-in fog lights.

GAZ Sobol Next 4x4 2020


The salon volume will delight future owners with the improved quality of materials of the finishing and decorative assortment, including special fabrics, artificial leather and durable plastic.

Despite the budgetary status of the car itself, the level of technical and electronic equipment of the GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 2020 is very decent.

• Front panel provides a good overview of the instrument cluster with analog dial gauges, complemented by a computer monitor.

• The square block of the center console includes a set of round ventilation and heating deflectors, an audio system tuning panel, and in top-end modifications, a multimedia complex display.

GAZ Sobol Next 4x4 2020

• On the lower tier there are washers for adjusting the cabin microclimate and buttons for activating standard, technical and service options.

Some command functions are performed by buttons on the front surface of the multifunctional multifunction steering wheel.
The tunnel comes standard with transmission and parking brake levers, multiple organizers and a single cup holder.

Competently profiled seats deserve a kind word. The three-seater van’s seat service includes static head restraints, mechanical adjustments and a heated seat circuit. There is also a small, but quite comfortable armrest.

The test drive showed the optimal level of sound insulation for its class, as well as the absence of internal noise at all speed modes.


It should be noted that at this hour the new GAZ Sobol Next 4×4 of the 2020 model year is presented as a concept, so the main characteristics can be adjusted in one direction or another.

The body dimensions of the Sobol van in various modifications, declared in the ratios of 4800 x 2300 and 2100 mm, allow us to obtain a useful volume of the cargo compartment from 3.6 to 6.4 m3.

The design is based on an all-wheel drive chassis with a center base extended to 3185 mm and a 200 mm off-road clearance. Chassis assets:

• combined lever-spring and leaf spring suspension;

• the choice of mechanical or automated transmission;

• electric drive for switching on the transfer case and blocking the differential;

• stabilizers and active safety systems integrated into the chassis.

According to the latest data, it is planned to replace the 2.8-liter 120-horsepower gasoline engine with an imported Cummins ISF diesel engine with an output of up to 150 hp.

GAZ Sobol Next 4x4 2020

A productive tandem of a more powerful diesel drive and a multi-stage mechanical transmission will allow the new model to reach speeds of up to 150 km / h, with an average consumption of heavy fuel of 9.5 liters for every 100 km of run.

Options and prices

According to various sources, the preliminary price of the base model of the Russian assembly will be announced at the level of 940-980 thousand rubles. There is no reliable information about the development of the top modification.

Sales start in Russia

Officially, the release date in Russia will be published after the completion of the conveyor assembly and commissioning work at the assembly plant in the Moscow region.

Competing models

With varying success, the new Sobol 2020 commercial SUV will be able to compete with more expensive foreign counterparts such as Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato.

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