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GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

New GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022 model year.

The network leaked information that the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) plans to release a new Volga in the near future. The novelty may be called «21-24».

According to the manufacturer, the new Volga 21-24 2021-2022 will be fully electric. As stated by the manufacturer that he did not want to declassify his new product ahead of time.

It was not possible to keep the information secret. The network got both promo photos and shots taken in the engineering departments of the enterprise, where the car is being factory tested.

The new Volga 21-24 2021-2022 has a liftback body and will be similar to the Porsche Panamera and Tesla Model C.

The car will be sold as a premium car and its price will roughly start at 3,700,000 rubles and end at 8 million rubles.

The car has an extremely aggressive front end with LED horizontal headlights that blend seamlessly into a pseudo radiator grille. Above them is a horizontal chrome strip that makes the front end very aggressive.

Volga 21-24 2021-2022 will be equipped with large wheels with 21-inch disks. The roof of the new Volga can be painted in a color different from the body color.


GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

The back looks no less attractive. The rear end features a huge boot lid that fits over the rear fenders. Do not forget that this vehicle is a liftback and therefore the large luggage compartment lid will open along with the rear window.

The salon will not be inferior to other premium world car models. The new Volga will also receive a modern torpedo with an electronic dashboard.

The driver will be able to customize its appearance at his discretion. The diagonal of the dashboard will be 10.5-inches. The steering wheel of the car is two-spoke. Everything in the cabin is controlled using touch buttons and panels.

The multimedia system is represented by two displays. The upper one is for displaying information, and the lower one is for more advanced information.

It will support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Yandex Auto. It is also equipped with voice control. The main feature of this multimedia display is video playback with 4K resolution.

GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

The car interior itself will be finished with premium materials and the buyer will be offered several trim colors. Natural leather, suede and alcantara and wood will be used from the materials. The seats are equipped with many electronic adjustments.

The new Volga 21-24 2021-2022 will have a very rigid body. On the technical side, electric motors can be distinguished, the total power of which is about 600 horsepower. The speed of this car is 387 km / h.
The production of the new Volga 21-24 is expected to begin roughly in 2021-2022.

Plans of the Gorky Automobile Plant

According to the representatives of the GAZ company, the new model Volga 21-24 2021-2022 is planned as an electric car.

Photos of concepts of the future competitor of the famous Tesla company, which is undergoing factory tests in the engineering departments of the enterprise, have appeared on the Internet.

The external outlines of the electric Volga are as similar as possible to the elite Tesla Model C. In front, the electric car will have horizontal LED headlights, above which there is a chrome bar.

In terms of its internal content, this car is being developed as an elite car, the cost of which is supposed to be at the level of 3,700,000-8,000,000 rubles.

GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

Technical characteristics of the fantastic Volga

A distinctive feature of the new model «Volga 21-24» will be a rigid body structure. Two traction accumulators with a total capacity of 600 «horses» will be able to drive the car. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle will be approximately 387 km / h.

Large wheels with 21-inch discs contribute to high dynamics. In terms of body structure, the car is a liftback, so there is an enlarged trunk lid that opens along with the rear window.

The interior space of the passenger compartment meets the highest requirements for premium cars. Here only the best materials such as suede, natural leather and wood will be used for decoration. All seats are planned to be equipped with electronic adjustments as much as possible.

The modern control panel will be decorated with an electronic shield, the appearance of which can be customized to the owner of the car at his discretion. All control inside the cabin will be carried out using electronics, which is started using touch buttons.

The multimedia system contains two displays, which are located at the top and bottom. The top screen displays the main information, and the details can be explored below. At the same time, 4K video is played here.

GAZ Volga 21-24 2021-2022.

It provides voice control, compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Yandex Auto operating systems.

Possible difficulties

Often, projects in the Russian automotive industry remain at the level of development. Most of the concept cars do not go to series production.

Domestic electric vehicles also face huge challenges. First of all, this is due to the lack of infrastructure and established production.

In the vast expanses of Russia, cars with a small power reserve are unlikely to be in demand.

Due to the very high cost, the new electric vehicle is likely to have implementation problems. Thus, the future of the new Volga 21-24 car looks, unfortunately, rather vague.

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