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Geely Atlas 2021.

Geely Atlas 2021.

Geely Atlas 2021.

Geely Atlas 2021: a crossover with quality European design.

In the near future, the range of budget Chinese crossovers will be replenished with the next version of the popular model range — Geely Atlas 2021. According to available information, a luxury car with front-wheel drive or off-road chassis will offer more economical consumption characteristics of the power unit.

The new model meets the needs of young, mostly family, motorists who prefer an active lifestyle. The crossover is equally suitable for everyday trips in the city and for outdoor activities.


The appearance of the novelty shows the features of the characteristic style of the automobile designer P. Horbury. The new body looks somewhat aggressive, at the same time stylish and attractive. The advantages of the layout and equipment of the front side:

Geely Atlas 2021.

• panoramic, narrowed at the top of the windshield format;
• ribbed, side and central profiles of the engine compartment cover;
• angular contours of blocks of xenon budget optics;
• black trapezium of a radiator grill decorated with chrome details.

The lower part of the front attracts special attention with the large format of the air diffusers and the air intake decorated with a fine mesh, as well as the expressive contrast of the silver panel and the small-sized plastic body kit.

In advertising photos in a side view, Geely Atlas 2021 demonstrates the body design traditional for European counterparts with an elongated sloping front end, an aerodynamic roof dropping to the trunk and a vertical aft line. In the design features of the profile projection of the new crossover:

• silver three-section glazing sills ascending to the inclined rear pillars;
• oval shape of stylish mirrors and compact handles recessed into door cards;
• black plastic of a protective plastic «skirt» and a modern pattern of rims.

Geely Atlas 2021.

The design of the stern of the body differs significantly from European prototypes. In the area of ​​attention is a spoiler illuminated by a horizontal shade, an oval configuration of a tilted window, futuristic lights connected by a narrow chrome lintel and a high threshold for the tailgate.

The black plastic body kit includes combined fog lamps and a diagonal protective and decorative panel with chrome-plated exhaust pipes built into the sidewalls.


Restyling for the better affected the interior decor and technical equipment. The assortment includes high-quality fabrics, natural or artificial leather, decorated facing plastic and brushed aluminum.

• Depending on the modification, the crossover is equipped with an analog or digital instrument panel, as well as an ergonomic center console slightly turned towards the left seat.

• In the presence of double ventilation ducts, an 8-inch media-command touchscreen and a convenient control panel for adjusting the interior microclimate. A small number of buttons for controlling the onboard options are located on two blocks of the semi-sports multifunction steering wheel.

• The set of the squat wide tunnel includes a compact power transmission gear lever, an electromechanical handbrake, a multi-mode switch, cup holders, organizers and a container for small luggage arranged under a comfortable armrest.

Geely Atlas 2021.

The five-seater salon is equipped with two front seats and a rear, spacious enough and comfortable sofa. In the first solution, the road service will offer full lateral support and a standard list of operational comfort-forming settings, in the top version — heated seats.

The lack of additional conveniences in the design of the rear row seats is compensated by the inclination of the sofa back and a comfortable amount of free space for each individual rider. The volume of the 340-liter trunk leaves much to be desired. The only bonus is a full-size spare tire and a pocket for on-board tools stowed in a niche in the luggage compartment.

It is assumed that the capacity of the cargo compartment can be at least doubled by means of a simple formatting of the sofa back. The main disadvantage of the system is the high loading threshold and the uneven floor of the compartment.

Geely Atlas 2021.


The classic crossover ratios of 4519 x 1831 and 1694 mm in external dimensions are copied from the earlier version without visible changes. The asset is a front- or all-wheel drive off-road chassis:

• platform with fully independent multi-link rack suspension of both axles;

• length of the chassis base is 2670 mm;

• anti-roll bars and 195 mm all-terrain ground clearance.

Also worth mentioning are the variable performance of the electric power steering, the availability of a full complement of efficient disc brakes and the additional functions of electronic assistants.

• Buyer Geely Atlas 2021 provides a choice of two powertrains. These are classic «aspirated» engines with volumes of 2 and 3.4 liters, with an output of 141 hp / 191 Nm and 148 hp / 225 Nm of peak thrust.

Geely Atlas 2021.

• The engine range works in tandem with a 6-speed manual or 6-band automatic power transmission.

The test drive fully confirmed the previously declared by the company the maximum speed of 185 and 195 km / h, the time for the first hundred square meters is absent in the information field.

Options and prices

The new Geely Atlas 2021 model year is promised in four modifications. The selling price of the model with basic equipment is declared in the amount of 1.1 million rubles. The cost of an expensive top version is on average 300 thousand more expensive.

Competing models

In its category, the Geely Atlas of the 2021 model will be able to successfully compete with the same type of crossovers of other brands, such as Hyundai Creta, Mazda CX-5, Hawal F7 and Nissan Qashqai. With equal advantages, Geely compares favorably with lower cost.

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