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Geely Emgrand L 2022.

Geely Emgrand L 2022.

Geely Emgrand L 2022 is an updated version of the sedan, a competitor of the Lada Vesta FL.

The Chinese manufacturer with the name Geely engaged in the development of the corporate style «Energy Storm», which translates as «storm of energy».

The firstborn of the family is the model of urban SUV Boyue X, which designers were able to give their vision of «iksensitive» styling.

The second Emgrand L is on its way.

This is a budget version of the four-door sedan and, in fact, its updated and refined version, which underwent a restyling of a large-scale nature.

Since the appearance of Emgrand GL passed 5 years, but every year the car has been subjected to minor changes.

The new car has the proverbial «X» can not be recognized, but the localization of the pentagonal shield — the trademark symbolism of Geely — has been preserved.

In addition, it is given the unofficial title as the «most traditional» car of the Celestial Empire among all others.

Such a number of references to the culture of ancient times can be found in a museum, but certainly not to be expected from a modern car!


Looking at the exterior, you can see that the designers took their inspiration from the images of related parkettes Geely Atlas and Geely Coolray.

Geely Emgrand L 2022.

The body as a whole remains the same, but the new corporate style «Energy Storm», introduced not so long ago, forced the designers to adjust its front end.

The dimensions of all air intakes are increased without exception. Headlights, including taillights, received LEDs (already in the basic version).

Exterior panels are also changed, except for the roof. Even the door chamfers are different.

The radiator grille deserves special attention — engineers technically divided it into two zones.

The upper half has a small size, while the lower part the developers decided to make big.

Ultimately, this creates the illusion that the grille covers almost the entire front end.

Together with narrow headlights traditionally Chinese car is a bit closer to Japanese cars. However, its appearance can not be compared with any particular model.

The novelty’s stern is smooth, and the rear lights are represented by a long strip with separate blocks in the corners. The realization of the form itself refers to the national technique of realistic painting Gunbi («careful brush»).

Geely Emgrand L 2022.

Interior and equipment

The interior of the 2022 novelty is presented completely in a new vein — dramatic changes have affected all seats, armrests, as well as door cards.

According to assurances of the manufacturer, soft materials, pleasant to the touch, have been used to create most of the surface.

In the top version of the interior trim prevails blue tone, and there is also the presence of leatherette, which should appeal to Chinese motorists.

As in a number of elements in the appearance of new items, good old Chinese folklore is embodied inside the car, which is not immediately noticeable.

The creation of the front panel was made with reference to the Chinese musical instrument Guqin.

Actually, it was the basis of the realization of most horizontal lines all over the cabin. The decorative inserts were created using laser engraving.

The car’s belonging to the modern current of time is indicated by a virtual dashboard — a massive screen with the size of 10.25 inches. A «touch screen» (12.3) is provided for multimedia.

At the same time, control of the climate complex is entrusted to the media system. There is a sunroof and several round-view cameras.

At the same time the screen as if «hovers» over the panel, and under it there is a remote control with physical buttons.

Geely Emgrand L 2022.

Separate praise is due to Geely’s design specialists — a harmonious combination of handles with the overall stylistics of the door cards.

The designers have not forgotten about the ventilation deflectors — they are integrated into a single plane of the front panel. The overall picture of the interior is formed in a restrained tone.

Technical Specifications

Together with the change of exterior and interior, the developers have put the novelty on a new «bogie».

If the Emgrand GL was based on the FE architecture of its own design, now the compact and versatile modular car platform BMA, which is a joint project of Geely and Volvo. The Geely Coolray crossover is also based on it.

Such a technological solution has made it possible to expand capabilities by including modern electronics, as well as the use of rigid subframes. At the same time, the chassis layout remained the same:

McPherson struts are installed in the front;
at the back the platform is equipped with a semi-independent beam.

After completing the planned modernization, the sedan has added a little length and width, height and wheelbase remain the same.

Dimensions of the new «traditional» Chinese sedan

Length (mm) — 4 735 — increased by 10
Width (mm) — 1 815 — plus 13
Height (mm) — 1 478
Wheelbase (mm) — 2 700

In the hood of the Geely Emgrand L designers put the old version of the power plant — a four-cylinder turbocharged 1.4 liter engine, which produces 141 hp. (235 Nm).

This is also the company’s own development. In addition to it provides a six-speed manual or variator.

In the future, for the Geely Emgrand L will be available other options, which are available in the current model with the index GL. This is a three-cylinder turbo Volvo 1.5 liter and 177 hp, supplemented by a robotized gearbox and a hybrid modification.

Geely Emgrand L 2022.


Chinese manufacturer Geely finds buyers in the Russian market as well. In addition, a new model Lada Vesta FL is expected to be released — tentatively by the middle of 2022.

Earlier, the Russian beauty was compared to another Chinese in a test drive, where it showed not the best results. Emgrand outperformed it on a number of parameters, but in terms of beauty, Vesta, no matter how you look at it, still has the upper hand.

Whether the new model from Geely will become a strong competitor to the Lada Vesta FL, time will tell. However, there is a high probability that the Emgrand L will gather a longer line of Russian motorists than the Vesta. In addition, the cost of the Russian beauty is higher than the Chinese model.

Release Date and Prices

The release of the novelty on the local market took place in the last days of last year, namely on December 31. Two older sisters Emgrand known in China as Flagship and Supreme are estimated at 100-110 thousand yuan. Translated into rubles, the amount will be 1.17 and 1.3 million respectively.

The top configuration will cost 250,000 rubles more than the current representative of the last generation.

And since Geely supplies the Coolray to the Russian market, there is great hope that the new model will also reach the Russians.

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