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Geely Emgrand7 2023.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

Belgi will produce inexpensive Geely Emgrand7 sedans.

BelAZ, Geely, and Soyuzavtotehnologii, a joint venture between BelAZ, Geely, and Soyuzavtotehnologii, celebrated its fifth anniversary in November 2017.

Prior to that, cars had been assembled for several years using «screwdriver» technology in rented buildings of the Avtogydrousilitel plant.

The Belgi facility is designed to produce 60,000 cars a year with welding and body painting, although the plant has not yet come close to this figure.

Now only Geely Coolray, Atlas Pro and Tugella crossovers are produced here, but soon the production program will be expanded.

The Geely Emgrand7 New sedan was shown at the plant’s five-year anniversary celebration.

This car debuted in China a year and a half ago, and there it is simply called Geely Emgrand.

The sedan came to replace the old Emgrand model 2009, which is also familiar to us: from 2012 to 2020 we sold 36 thousand of these cars, and the last two years, these cars were also produced in Belarus.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

And that Geely Emgrand was also tested by Autoreview. Thus, the Belgi plant intends to return to the production of simple and relatively inexpensive sedans, but of the current generation.

The new Geely Emgrand7 has a length of 4638 mm and has a simple design and not rich equipment.

The chassis is with McPherson struts and semi-independent rear suspension. Under the hood is an atmospheric 1.5 rated at 114 hp, which is combined with a five-speed «manual» or variator.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

In the Chinese market there is also a hybrid Emgrand, but it will hardly be produced at the plant Belgi. Gasoline versions in China cost from $9,600 to $12,400.

Belji plant management said the sedans have already «undergone technical tests and are ready for mass production.»

Production is scheduled to begin in 2023, with no information on packages or prices yet. Belgi expects to sell the new Emgrand7 in Belarus and Russia, but if with the domestic market we already have an understanding of the potential volume (1500-2000 cars per year), the plant has not yet determined with the estimation of demand in Russia.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

The potential of the model is high, because now this segment of the market is actually deserted.

Now the plant is working in a two shift regime seven days a week, although there were disruptions in the spring with deliveries of sets of machines.

Since the beginning of the year 17 thousand Geely cars have been produced, 14 thousand of them for Russia.

The plan for this year is 25 thousand cars (last year it was 29,4 thousand), and for 2023 it is already 35 thousand.

Geely Emgrand7 2023.

In the Russian market for the last couple of years, Belgy only supplied the Coolray and Atlas crossovers, but we should soon have a Tugella made in Belarus.

Until now, the Tugella has been coming to us directly from China, but recently Geely has drawn up a Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) for Belarus-made vehicles.

And the inexpensive sedan should play a decisive role in increasing the output and supplies.


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