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Geely GS 2021.

Geely GS 2021.

Geely GS 2021.

The manufacturer of low-cost automotive equipment Geely Automobile Holdings Limited has promptly completed the restyling of the five-door urban crossover Geely GS 2021, known in the domestic market as Geely Emgrand Cross.

The new model differs from its predecessor in increased ground clearance, original, successfully implemented technical and design solutions.

The new model range demonstrates:
• enviable explosive body design with elements of youth-sports style;
• list of technical and electronic equipment, optimal for the budgetary status;
• upgraded characteristics of the power unit and transmission components.

The design and layout of the crossover promises future owners a lot of useful and interesting things.


In the new incarnation, the Geely GS 2021 combines the basic principles of a classic crossover layout, complemented by the original developments of the leading European designer Peter Horbury.

Geely GS 2021.

The most striking and stylish crossover looks in the photo in the frontal view. In sight:

• tonal contrast of the black window perimeter and the bright paintwork of the inclined hood;
• silver perimeter of the compact radiator grille;
• rectangular configuration of blocks of multifunctional halogen or top-end xenon optics.

The lower segment of the short front end is shaped somewhat aggressively. Attention is drawn to the large-mesh lining of the lower ventilation air intake, stylish boomerangs of the side diffusers, complemented by fog lighting, and a protruding plastic body kit completing the layout.

A positive perception of the new crossover in profile is formed by a new body with an extended sloping roof spoiler, chrome window sills ascending to the rear pillars, a panoramic mirror and a longitudinal wave relief visually connecting the high wheel arches.

The entourage of the sidewalls is effectively complemented by the black gloss of the protective and decorative plastic skirt and the multi-leaf pattern of two-tone 17-inch wheels.

Geely GS 2021.

In the layout features of the rear side of the body:

• semicircular contours of the spoiler visor;
• vertical edge of the embossed tailgate and steep slope of the upper glazing;
• drop-shaped plafonds of stop optics partially overlapping on the body sidewalls.

In the figured recess of the bumper there is a platform for a registration plate and a set of horizontal fog lights. A black plastic bumper comes with a pair of chrome-plated tailpipes.


The design of the five-seater salon volume is practical and strictly functional. The quality of the finishing materials is decent in all respects, the list includes several fabric options, artificial leather and facing plastic.

Geely GS 2021.

The Sport Profile steering wheel with two command button blocks provides a complete overview of the highly informative standard analogue or top-end digital instrument cluster.

• The upper segment of the center console is occupied by a pair of ventilation ducts. The central part of the dashboard is reserved for a media-command display with a combined touch-button activation of functional and comfort-forming onboard options.

• In the construction of the tunnel: climate control adjustment panel, transmission shift lever, several organizers and a compact armrest with a built-in glove compartment for small-sized luggage.

The modernized Geely GS 2021 is equipped with modern technical and electronic equipment, additional functions of standard and top-end options.

The assets of the very comfortable and well-profiled front seats include head restraints, lateral support elements and a typical set of operational adjustments. The rear sofa with a variable angle of the backrest can accommodate three riders.

Thanks to a simple transformation of the rear seats, the capacity of the 330-liter trunk can be almost doubled. Working with monoblock oversized weights is facilitated by a wide doorway and the correct geometry of the luggage compartment.

Geely GS 2021.


The new body with external dimensions of 4440×1833 and 1560 mm is based on the proprietary front-wheel drive platform of the FE series.

The list of design features of the chassis includes a mixed independent rack-mount and semi-independent torsion bar suspension of axles, a 2700 mm center-to-center base and an off-road 180 mm ground clearance.

• The Russian version of the Chinese crossover is equipped with a non-alternative power unit. In the basic version, it is a tandem of a gasoline in-line «four» with an output of 133 hp / 170 Nm and a front-wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission. The top-end modification is promised a robotic 6-band Getrag transmission.

A multidisciplinary test drive confirmed the dynamics of gaining the first hundred of 10.3 seconds, maximum speed characteristics in the range of 182-185 km / h and optimal for its class, 6.9 l / 100 km of run, high-octane fuel consumption.

Options and prices

The new Geely GS 2021 model year will be offered to Russian motorists in the basic Comfort model and in an improved top-end Luxury configuration. Depending on the level of equipment, the price of new items in the model range will vary from 1.3 to 1.5 million rubles.

Competing models

In its price category, the modernized crossover will be able to successfully compete with similar developments of leading Asian and European manufacturers. These are five-door hatchbacks such as Renault Sandero and Lada Granta Cross.

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