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Geely Radar RD6 2023.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

Radar RD6: an electric pickup for tourism from Geely.

The Chinese concern Geely has introduced another brand «Radar», the name of which allegedly stands for «Rational Alone Discovery Accompany Romantic».

A subsidiary company Geely Pickup Automobile Sales (Shandong) Co. is responsible for the new brand, and it was created with a view to produce electric pickups.

By the way, the firstborn of the brand Radar was announced a month ago, but it has been declassified only now.

We are talking about the RD6 truck. The last one is not a utilitarian model. The company positioned it as an «active recreation vehicle» (for example, for going on picnics).

In the published photos the pickup has athletic looks with underlined chiseled wheel arches.

Its interior is also quite fancy. So, in the cabin there is a virtual dashboard and a decent-sized tablet of multimedia system, which promises a wide range of online options.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

Plus, there is a separate remote control for climate control with hardware buttons.

For an additional fee for the pickup will offer «leather» upholstery, panorama, electric front seats and a number of other equipment.

Plus a wide range of accessories for outdoor activities is promised, including a tent and a refrigerator.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

The Radar RD6 2023 has a load-bearing body and is built on the reinforced modular SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform, which was previously used to create the Zeekr 001 and smart #1.

The electric pickup has independent suspension and will be offered on the market exclusively with a full four-door cab.

It reaches a length of 5,260 mm, a width of 1,900 mm, and a height of 1,830 mm. Its wheelbase is 3 120 mm.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

The length of cargo area — 1,525 mm, and its volume to the upper edge of the sides — 1.2 cubic meters.

Curb weight is 2,090 kg, and its payload is rated at 755 kg.

Note that there are four 220-volt sockets in the cargo area to connect various appliances (such as outdoor lighting or electric stove).

The total maximum power is 6 kW. It is interesting that to carry small luggage there is a sealed compartment under the hood (total volume of 70 liters) and under the back sofa (48 liters).

While it is announced only a rear-drive version of the model with a single electric motor rated at 272 hp.

Powered by a traction battery with a capacity of 85.9 kWh, which is located under the floor of the cabin and operates at 352 volts.

Geely Radar RD6 2023.

Dynamics and range of the truck is not named yet. In the future, the range will also include all-wheel drive version with two motors.

It will be able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in about 6.0 seconds, driving more than 600 km without recharging.

On the market Celestial new Radar RD6 will appear at the end of the twenty-second. Reception of orders for the model has already started, but the price has not been officially announced.


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