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Geely Tugella 2022.

Geely Tugella2022.

Geely Tugella 2022.

Geely Tugella 2022: cross-coupe with premium performance.
The increased demand for crossovers in the coupe body has accelerated the restyling of the corporate model of the automobile brand «Geely», formerly known as FY11.

In a new design, the new, all-wheel drive version of the Gili Tugela 2022 cross-coupe demonstrates:

• expressive, slightly aggressive body design features;

• attractive and welcoming salon interior;

• advanced features of component electronics and security systems.


The European layout and stylish appearance of the new brand assortment are the result of fruitful cooperation with the specialists of the Volvo company.

The most vivid, dynamic and presentable new Tugela model of 2022 looks in photos and videos from a front perspective. In sight:

• high ribbed bonnet profiles;

• compact format of the branded radiator grille decorated with the logo;

• angular configuration of blocks of basic LED or premium matrix optics.

Geely Tugella2022.

The lower segment of the front end is designed in racing style. The complete set includes a large-format side diffusers and a ventilation air intake closed with a black coarse mesh.

The composition is completed by the ribbed profile of the metal body kit. The frontal décor is represented by a silver overlay and aggressive stepped details.

The sidewall design changes are minimal. Attention is drawn to the dynamic contour of the sloping roof, the arched side glazing with gloss black trim, compact mirrors, and the harmonious combination of wave and stepped body profiles.

The off-road status of the cross-coupe is indirectly indicated by the large diameter of black or silver rims and high ground clearance. A characteristic feature of the model is the absence of a protective plastic «skirt» on the lower perimeter of the case.

The crossover origin of the brand Tugela gives out the typical design of the stern. In design features:

• rounded ends of the decorative spoiler lip;

• vertical plane of the embossed luggage compartment lid;

• angular contours of the rear lights connected by a shaped chrome-plated crosspiece.

The slightly protruding bumper includes horizontal fog lights and two twin sets of functional tailpipes. The composition is completed by a protective panel of a small-sized plastic body kit.

Geely Tugella2022.


The interior design is as close as possible to premium standards. The offered assortment includes leather trim, modern electronics, ergonomic layout of well-profiled seats, complemented by decorative metal accents.

The new body provides the driver and passengers with a comfortable amount of personal space.
The spoke-free upper section of the sports multifunction steering wheel provides a comprehensive view of the digital simulation of an analog instrument cluster.

Activation and configuration of the onboard equipment is assigned to the multifunction steering wheel buttons and the touch-sensitive touchpad of the 12-inch media-command display of the center console.

On the lower tier of the dashboard there is a block of ventilation deflectors and a start-stop button for the power unit.

In the premium construction of the tunnel: a panel with washers for adjusting the microclimate, a technical sector with a transmission joystick, cup holders, organizers and an armrest, which simultaneously serves as a cover for a large refrigerating chamber.

Already in the basic configuration, the new model of the upgraded Gili Tugel 2022 will receive functional and comfortable electronic equipment corresponding to the premium level. In stock:

Geely Tugella2022.

• multifunctional media complex operating in two digital standards;

• satellite navigation;

• all-round visibility system;

• multi-mode interior lighting and a set of rear parking sensors.

Electronic assistants and safety systems are responsible for driving safety at high speeds and in difficult weather conditions.

The front seats, trimmed with special leather, provide an extended range of services, including lateral support, several adjustment functions, adjustable seat heating and ventilation devices. In the foreseeable future, multi-mode vibration massage is promised.

The limited travel service of the three-seater rear sofa is compensated by a reclining armrest, an adjustable backrest tilt and a simplified transformation for a 2.2-fold increase in the 446-liter luggage compartment. The full-size «spare wheel» laid in the floor recess is not reflected in the capacity of the trunk.

Geely Tugella2022.


The external dimensions of the Geely Tugella 2022 cross-coupe, edited in proportional terms D-W-V (4605 x 1878 and 1643 mm), determine its belonging to the medium-format car segment.

The advantages of the new items are: a modified Volvo XC40 platform, an extended center base of up to 2,700, a comfortable and efficient combined suspension, expanded functionality of running stabilizers, and 208 mm of off-road clearance.

The power unit includes a two-liter gasoline engine with 200 or 238 hp / 280-350 Nm and an 8-band Aisin all-wheel drive automatic transmission.

The test drive confirmed the claimed fuel consumption of 8.1 l / 100 km in mixed mode. The time of dialing the first hundred, top speed and other operational characteristics of the new generation cross-coupe for this hour have not yet been announced.

Options and prices

The new Gili Tugela 2022 model year is promised in the uncontested base modification. The starting price is in the range of 1.5-2.0 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The first deliveries will begin in the second half of 2021. The exact release date in Russia will be announced later.

Competing models

In the list of competitors, the top positions are occupied by the Lexus VX, Hawal F7x, Chevrolet Captiva, Volkswagen Tiguan Coupe, Renault Arkana and Chery Exid.

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