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Geely VX11 2020.

Geely VX11 2020

Geely VX11 2020.

Geely VX11 2020 — crossover with a long body for 7 seats.

The budget Chinese brand continues to cover all possible niches in the automotive industry. In 2020, Geely will offer customers a large (31 cm longer than the Atlas) 7-seater VX11 crossover. The novelty will receive all the advanced developments of the company, while traditionally it will cost several times cheaper than German competitors.

Without waiting for the release, the novelty has already caused a lot of controversy on the network. What is good and what is not very good, we will consider below.

Geely VX11 2020


Not so long ago, Geely became the owners of Volvo. This made it possible to successfully transfer their new products to Swedish rails. The Chinese crossover will be released on the CMA platform, which is characterized by a transverse engine and front axle drive.

By the way, the predecessors were based on the proprietary modular BMA trolley, so the VX11 will be a cut above its predecessors and have a lot in common with the Volvo XC90.

The powertrain configurations of the new Geely 2020 include the installation of two gasoline turbo engines with an electric starter-generator.

1. The initial equipment will receive a 1.5-liter unit with 177 hp. at 255 Hm. The kit will offer a 7-speed DCT robot. You can already feel it in fresh Coolray or Xingyue.

2. The second will be an equally economical 1.8-liter turbo engine with 184 hp. at 285 Hm. The pair will be a 6-band automatic machine, which could be seen in the Atlas.
It is obvious that the SUV will be positioned as a premium car, so the collection of equipment here will be quite impressive.

Geely VX11 2020

VX11 will receive:

adaptive cruise, panoramic roof,
LED optics with dynamic turn signals,
360-degree view, dual-zone climate, heating,
ventilation and electric adjustment of seats,
a plentiful list of electronic assistants, including mobile assistants and a security system to match the level of the Swedish brand.


In recent years, Geely’s lineup has deserved a lot of praise. Maybe in terms of technology, the brand has always been weak, but the latest innovations were distinguished by excellent design. But not at this time. Of course, the VX11 is a 7-seater family car and you won’t be able to roam here, but you can see from the examples of competitors that the brand’s designers had a place to peep.

Geely VX11 2020

But, apparently, the big bosses decided to bring out into the world another awkward creature with a hippopotamus appearance on tiny wheels. Actually, this proposal is the whole essence of the design of the crossover from Geely.

At what point, each element of the decor is worked out for a solid five. For example, the front end received an excellent bumper architecture, a completely optimal grille and friendly optics. The bonnet also features non-trivial stamping.

At the back there is an interesting design of dimensions with an embedded chrome-plated bridge, an atypical shape of the bumper and stop lights, a regular rib separating the panoramic roof.

But otherwise — miniature wheels inappropriate for the size of the arches, as if from Zhiguli, too square outlines on the side, indistinct ribs on the front and rear fenders, like X-Ray. All this spoils the first impression and it is unlikely that you will be able to put up with it later.
In terms of dimensions, Geely’s largest crossover received:

Length, mm — 4830.
Width, mm — 1900.
Height, mm — 1780
Wheelbase — 2815

Geely VX11 2020


What will happen in the cabin is not yet clear. Considering the target audience, there should be quite a lot of washable surfaces in the VX11, but you should not count on premium materials. It’s still a SUV from Geely, not from Audi.

There is also information that the SUV will acquire a 14-inch multimedia screen, and the tidy will remain analog, but will have a built-in on-board computer window. Several USB ports will be scattered around the cabin so that the smallest passengers do not get bored on the way.

According to the layout, the Chinese will offer three landing options — for 5, 6 and 7 seats. In the first version, there will be a standard three-seater sofa in the back with a folding armrest, a six-seater version is represented by a 2 + 2 + 2 formula, and a two-seater sofa in the third row will be offered for 7 passengers.


Not to say that 7-seater SUVs are a highly demanded class of cars, nevertheless, many manufacturers do not bypass this niche.
In addition to Geely, large families can be offered Nissan with their Pathfinder, Kia with two at once — Mohave and Sorento Prime, Mazda CX-9, Czech Kodiaq from Skoda, etc.

Price and start date

In fact, Geely is still pulling the presentation, let alone the launch of the sales. Previously, insiders predict entry into the market only by the fall of 2020, and in Russia VX11 should not be expected earlier than 2021.
There is also no information on prices yet. According to some estimates, a large SUV will be offered for 1.3-1.7 million rubles.

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