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Genesis G80 2021.

Genesis G80 2021.

Genesis G80 2021.

The new 2021 Genesis G80 has become more respectable, which was easy to predict when looking at the luxurious facelift that all models of the Korean premium brand have experienced in turn.

Here and the enlargement of the body, and the transition to more solid 18-20 inch wheels, and equipment, where the whole set of the most modern functions and systems is assembled.

As well as powerful motors and four-wheel drive!

2nd generation overview

For the E-segment in the Genesis model lineup, the G80 sedan continues to be responsible, which has been produced since June 2016, and which, following the rest of the brand’s representatives, has been updated, simultaneously changing the generation.

The second generation of the 2021 Genesis G80 Korean premium sedan was built on a new rear-wheel drive platform borrowed from the GV80 crossover.

Genesis G80 2021.

Among the main advantages of the «trolley» is the reduced center of gravity. It housed an improved body, which became more rigid, due to which the designers managed to increase the glazing area, making the front and rear pillars thinner.

These changes, together with others, led to a change in the dimensions of the 2021 Genesis G80: if the first generation sedan did not reach 10 mm before the five-meter length, now the difference is 5 mm.

The height has changed slightly more noticeably — minus 15 mm, and the luxury sedan has added 35 mm in width at once.


The new family style of Genesis cars is one of their obvious advantages: the Koreans themselves call it Athletic Elegance, and very beautiful body lines justify this definition, giving the new 2021 Genesis G80 sedan a very stylish and noble exterior at the same time.

Genesis G80 2021.

Surprisingly, the designers managed to achieve harmony in the combination of a variety of elements, individually distinguished by extravagance.

This is a two-story optics, and a huge «shield» of the radiator grille, and compact stern, and bright decor on the front fenders.


The 2021 Genesis G80’s five-seater cabin is clearly designed for four, due to the high center tunnel and the shape of the sofa, ready to comfortably accommodate two VIPs.

The front seats are equally comfortable, as they are ergonomic and versatile.

The driver’s workplace is also fully consistent with the status of the model and offers all the latest advances in the automotive industry, including a virtual «tidy», a wide central display and a variety of sensors / sensors responsible for safety, adaptive suspension tuning, and more. dr.

Genesis G80 2021.

Technical stuffing

Unlike many competitors, the minders of the Korean company have thoroughly revised their approach to the configuration of the sedan, which is experiencing the first modernization in its history, making new engines available:

• 2.5 T-GDI — 304 hp four-cylinder petrol engine. from. (422 Nm) replaced the 3.3-liter «six», and its appearance was dictated by the desire to get a lighter version of the sedan, saving on the motor
and optimization of the body structure at once 125 kg.

• 3.5 T-GDI — V-shaped «six», which takes on the role of a top-end power unit. It has a capacity of 380 liters. from. (530 Nm) and is ready to equip, most likely, versions with the most expensive equipment package.

• 2.2 Diesel. Diesel 210 hp (441 Nm) four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a lightweight aluminum cylinder block, created especially for this model. By the way, the GV80 is equipped with a more powerful diesel «six».

The 2021 Genesis G80 will be fitted with the same 8-speed automatic hydromechanical gearbox, and the car will be driven rearward or full (a multi-plate clutch is added).

Genesis G80 2021.

The equipment will retain a large number of expensive options, including:

• 10 airbags,
• three-zone «climate»,
• adaptive cruise,
• led optics,
• projection display,
• digital dashboard,
• panoramic roof,
• remote valet parking,
• premium audio system Lexicon,
• multimedia with touchscreen 14.5 ”,
• adaptive suspension,
• multicontour front seats with pneumatic chambers,
• an in-car scanner camera to monitor the driver’s fatigue level and many others. dr.

When will it be released in Russia?

During the March presentation of the 2021 Genesis G80 model year, the Koreans promised to start delivering cars to export markets within a year.

As of early September, Russian dealers announced their readiness to accept the first deliveries of cars and even reported a preliminary price list along with possible configurations.

So, all sedans will be all-wheel drive with an automatic «box», and the cost of new items will be from 2.93 to 4.38 million rubles.

It is expected that five trim levels will go on sale, and all of them will be equipped with «export» engines:

• Business (engines 2.0 with a capacity of 197 and 245 hp);

• Advance (engines 2.0 with a capacity of 197 and 245 hp);

• Premium (engines 2.0 with a capacity of 197 and 245 hp);

• Luxury (engine 2.0 with a capacity of 245 liters. From.);

• Ultimate (motor 3.3 with a capacity of 282 hp)

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