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Genesis G80 2021.

Genesis G80 2021.

Genesis G80 2021.

Trendy, modern and premium: the new 2021 Genesis G80 sedan unveiled.

At the end of March two thousand twentieth, Genesis officially declassified the new (second in a row) generation G80 sedan. Like the GV80 crossover, the four-door was made in the new corporate style «Athletic Elegance», which is characterized by the presence of a large shield-like radiator grille, as well as double strips of headlights and lamps.

In profile, the new 2021 Genesis G. features a rear-shifted cockpit, a sloping roofline with a heavily obstructed rear window and a short tailgate that makes the car look like a fastback. Also, one cannot fail to note additional windows in the rear roof pillars and decorative grilles on the front fenders, stylistically repeating the performance of the head optics.

At the rear, attention is drawn to the large exhaust pipes, the shape of which is designed to resemble a radiator grill. As for the wheels, by default the four-door is supplied on 18-inch wheels (previously the base ones were 17-inch), but the car can also be ordered with 19 or 20 ″ rollers.

In terms of interior design, the 2021 Genesis G80 also has a lot in common with the previously unveiled GV80 SUV. This means that the front fascia of the sedan is characterized by an abundance of horizontal lines, as well as finishing with high-quality materials, including leather and wood accents.

Genesis G80 2021.

In front of the driver is a 12.3-inch digital tidy with three-dimensional mode, and a 14.5-inch widescreen tablet is allocated for the needs of the entertainment complex. The multimedia itself has support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces, as well as the ability to update «over the air.»

Plus, the model boasts a head-up display and a touch panel, which is located under the driver’s right hand and is designed for handwriting data entry. The traditional automatic selector in the car — a more compact washer is used instead.

In the top trim levels in the front of the Genesis G80 2021, multicontour seats are installed, each of which uses seven pneumatic chambers, and the pressure in the latter automatically changes when switching between driver modes, which contributes to a higher level of comfort.

The Koreans also report that the sloping roof should not confuse customers, and, compared to its predecessor, the free space in the legs and above the head of the rear passengers has increased by 2 and 4 mm, respectively. Plus, the model received thinner roof pillars, due to which it was possible to achieve better visibility.

Genesis G80 2021.

The new body of the Genesis G80 2021 second generation is built on the basis of a new platform with a lower center of gravity, which previously debuted on the aforementioned first crossover of the Korean brand. The body of the four-door is 42% ultra-high-strength steel and 19% aluminum. In this case, the rigidity of the structure increased by 6%.

The overall length of the sedan is 4,995 mm (+ 5), its wheelbase (3,010) has remained the same, the width has added 35 mm to 1,925, and the height, on the contrary, has decreased to 1,465 (-15). The ground clearance (clearance) of the model, as well as the volume of the trunk, have not yet been specified.

The line of powertrains for the Genesis G80 II is represented by three motors. The sedan is based on a 2.5-liter «turbo four» T-GDI with a capacity of 304 hp. (422 Nm), which replaced the 3.3-liter aspirated V6 (282 HP and 347 Nm). According to Koreans, the new motor is noticeably lighter than its predecessor, which made it possible to reduce the mass of the initial modification to 1,785 kg (- 125).

In addition, the car can be ordered with a new 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which received an aluminum cylinder block and was lighter than its predecessor by 20 kg. The output of this unit reaches 210 forces (441 Nm). The top version is a 3.5-liter «turbo six» T-GDI, which develops 380 «mares» and 580 Nm of torque.

Genesis G80 2021.

All of these engines work in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic, while the drive can be both rear and full — with a front axle coupling. The base for the Ji 80 is the usual springs and shock absorbers, and for a surcharge, you can order a suspension with adaptive shock absorbers. The latter change their rigidity «on the go», focusing on the readings of the front camera, which scans the road in front of the car.

The list of equipment of the Genesis G80 2021 also includes ten airbags, among which there is a central one. The latter is located between the seats of the first row and is designed to protect the driver and front passenger from collisions with each other in an accident. Plus, the sedan is equipped with a premium Lexicon audio system with active noise cancellation, a panoramic roof and three-zone climate control.

Adaptive cruise control «Highway Driving Assist II» is available for a surcharge, with which the car can independently change lanes while driving on the highway. Numerous sensors, cameras and a navigation system provide its functionality.

Genesis G80 2021.

Plus, you can order remote parking and driver fatigue control systems, and the latter uses an in-car camera, tracking facial expressions and the state of the person driving.

Acceptance of orders for the new Genesis G80 in South Korea started on March 30, 2020, the price of the model starts at $ 43,000, while the first «live» cars will appear in local dealerships in about a month. In the second half of the year, the sedan should reach other countries where the Genesis brand is represented, including Russia.

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