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Genesis G90 2021.

Genesis G90 2021.

Genesis G90 2021.

The new Genesis G90 2021: deep restyling of the flagship sedan of the Genesis brand G90 is the flagship sedan from Hyundai, which replaced the Equus model in the lineup.

The presentation of the car took place in early December two thousand fifteen in the domestic market in South Korea, where this car was originally sold under the name EQ 900, and after restyling in November 18, the name «G 90» became common to all countries.

Belgian Luc Donckerwolke, who previously headed the design headquarters of the entire Hyundai Motor concern, worked on the appearance of the new Genesis G90 2021 model.

The four-door got a large radiator grille in the form of a shield, a different front bumper and a new head optics with four blocks, cut by a diode strip.

Initially, the sedan had a hexagonal grille and lights similar in design to those of the Mercedes S-Class.

At the same time, the new body of the Genesis G. 90 of 2020 stands out with air ducts in the front fenders and wide double-deck taillights, united at the bottom by a pad for the entire width of the trunk lid, plus wheels with an unusual pattern appeared here.

Genesis G90 2021.

The interior of the new Genesis G90 sports high-quality materials with wood inserts, rich equipment and comfortable seats.

For example, the front ones have 22 electric adjustments with memory, and the driver’s one can also adapt to the figure of a person sitting in it.

The center console houses a 12.3-inch screen of the multimedia system, and two 9.2-inch tablets are available to rear passengers.

In addition, the Genesis G90 car is already equipped with a three-zone climate control system, a wireless charging system for smartphones, as well as double glass windows and an active noise cancellation system.

Genesis G90 2021.

The rear split seats have 14 electrical adjustments, plus a Lexicon audio system, all-round cameras and autonomous highway control are available.

You can recognize the 2020 model year by slightly modified central air vents, which additionally received chrome edging, as well as revised graphics on the dashboard, a redesigned air conditioning unit and other stitching on the seats.


The new Genesis G90 is based on an elongated platform from the younger G 80 with multi-link front and rear suspensions.

The manufacturer notes that the specialists of the Hyundai test center at the Nurburgring, as well as employees of the American test site of the brand, were engaged in fine-tuning the chassis of the model.

Genesis G90 2021.

The overall length of the sedan is 5,205 mm, the wheelbase is 3,160, the width is 1,915, and the height is 1,495. Thus, the car is larger in all directions than the BMW 7-series.

Plus there is a version with an increased wheelbase (up to 3450 mm) with a total length from nose to tail of 5495.

Under the newly minted Genesis brand, Koreans have opted for luxury models. The firstborn was the Gee 90, which was later joined by the G80, an updated version of the Hyundai Genesis sedan, as well as the younger G70. Three crossovers should be added to the lineup by 2021.

Three gasoline engines are available as power units for the Ji 90, each of which is combined exclusively with an eight-band automatic.

We are talking about two aspirated V6 and V8 with a displacement of 3.8 (315 hp) and 5.0 (425 hp) liters, respectively.

Plus the company’s first 3.3-liter V6 twin-turbo with 370 horsepower. With the latest Genesis G90 accelerates from zero to a hundred in 6.2 seconds, and in the version with the top five-liter «eight» — in 5.7 seconds.

The sedan comes with rear-wheel drive by default, but the H-TRAC all-wheel drive transmission with adaptive suspension is available for an extra charge.

Genesis G90 2021.

How much is

The start of sales of the new Genesis G90 in Russia was in the summer of 2019, we are supplied with cars exclusively with all-wheel drive HTRAC, an eight-band automatic and an adaptive suspension.

The price of the base version with a 3.8-liter engine in the Prestige configuration is 4,690,000 rubles. For a car with a 3.3-liter turbocharged engine, they ask for at least 5,280,000 rubles. — this is available in Prestige, Elite and Royal versions.

The cost of modification with a five-liter V8 is 5,650,000 rubles, and the extended Limousine is another 300,000 more expensive.

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