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Genesis GV70 2022 update.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

Hyundai is preparing updates for the Genesis GV70 crossover for 2022.

South Korean media reveals information about updates that Hyundai is preparing for the 2022 Genesis GV70.

The crossover will go on sale on the home market in April. It will not appear abroad until the end of this year.

According to the published information, Hyundai will slightly redesign the front of the body.

In particular, there will be a larger brake, which was previously used only in modifications with a 3.5-liter motor.

Now it will be available with all versions of the Korean model. At the same time it is expected to expand the rear protection plate.

That is, visually the new Genesis GV70 will not change much.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

There will be improved quality front seats in the cabin.

In particular, Hyundai has equipped Genesis GV70 passenger seat with Ergo Motion series seat, which not only has better filling, but also offers many adjustments for position adjustment.

The emergence of such a seat is due to requests from consumers. They have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that such a seat is available only to the driver.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

However, it is still unknown what modifications the new seat will be offered with. Also, the Korean specialists will slightly update the finish of all seats.

Along with this, Hyundai is preparing improvements that should increase the comfort of the whole car.

We are talking about the work to reduce noise and vibration, and improve the sharpness of the crossover.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

In addition, the projection display and interface of the virtual dashboard and touchscreen monitor will be updated.

No other details about the upcoming changes Hyundai or sources close to the company do not disclose.

One of the important features of Genesis GV70 is that it is slightly cheaper than almost all direct competitors.

Genesis GV70 2022 update.

In this case, the Korean model in no way inferior to them, and in a number of characteristics even exceeds.

In favor of this statement says the fact that the company Hyundai for about a year after the debut Genesis GV70 has sold more than 50 thousand copies of the crossover worldwide. This figure is one of the best for the luxury car segment.


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