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Geness G90 2023.

Geness G90 2023.

Geness G90 2023.

Hyundai has revealed why the new Geness G90 2023 will be a better sedan.

Hyundai will soon bring the redesigned 2023 Genesis G90 sedan to the home market.

Although it will borrow almost everything from its predecessor, the Korean model will be dramatically better.

The fact is that the Genesis G90 will get a set of equipment that provides third-level autonomous driving.

The Korean model will become one of the first cars in the world with such equipment.

And the nearest competitors do not have anything that could compete with Genesis G90.

It is officially declared that the Korean novelty will enter the home market before the end of 2022.

Hyundai representatives said that the built-in equipment will allow the driver to drive on the highway without holding the steering wheel.

To implement this complex, the company has equipped the sedan with several cameras, radar and lidar, which interact with advanced software.

This software detects the presence of obstacles and hazards on the road, making appropriate decisions.

Geness G90 2023.

In particular, the software is able to keep a certain distance from the car ahead of it and control the movement in the selected lane.

Geness G90 2023.

In case there is a danger on the road, the onboard electronics will make an emergency maneuver by the sedan.

And this action will be performed with minimal risk. In the event of a malfunction in the systems, the electronics will give the appropriate signal for the driver to put his hands back on the steering wheel.

Geness G90 2023.

Later Genesis G90 should receive a function of remote autonomous parking, which will be part of this complex.

The terms of realization of the new technology have not been announced yet. But thanks to this option, drivers will be able to park the car using a smartphone.

Geness G90 2023.

In addition, Hyundai is now developing a «smart» controller based on semiconductors.

It is stated that this equipment will later help to introduce the Korean company’s cars with a complex of semi-autonomous control of the fourth and fifth level.


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