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GMC Terrain 2022.

GMC Terrain 2022.

GMC Terrain 2022.

GMC Terrain 2022. American crossover for the domestic market.

After a year-long break, the American concern GMC in a big way implemented the debut show of a new version of the Terrain series off-road crossover.

The new model, which will enter the global market under the name GMC Terrain 2022, meets all the canons of American standards.

In stock: an updated appearance, enhanced capabilities of technical equipment and automotive electronics, advanced running and off-road characteristics of the front and all-wheel drive chassis.

According to experts of dealer structures, restyling will affect the cost of new items within reasonable limits.


In advertising photos in the most expressive frontal projection, the new version of the crossover five-door confidently demonstrates the synthesis of the traditional corporate identity with the latest and layout developments in the field of automotive design. In sight:

• longitudinal wave and stepped reliefs of the bonnet;
• angular perimeter of black large-format radiator trim decorated with chrome accents;
• multifunctional arrangement of front optics units with powerful LED fittings, supplemented with direction indicators and C-shaped running lights.

GMC Terrain 2022.

In the basic configuration of the high front end there are transverse sipes of the lower air intake and compact diffusers of ventilation of the front axle disc brakes equipped with fog lights.

The composition is completed by a small-sized plastic body kit that combines protective and decorating functions.

The new crossover body looks imposing and in all respects presentable from the side view. Attention is fixed on the tone contrast of the black roof rails and window trims with chrome-plated upper window semi-perimeter, wedge-shaped side mirrors and deep wave reliefs of the body sidewalls.

The reputation of an all-terrain vehicle is confirmed by the compactness of the overhangs, the height of the ground clearance, the roomy volumes of the wheel arches with 19-inch disks and the presence of a massive protective and decorative plastic skirt located along the lower perimeter of the body.

The design of the rear side of the new model assortment is dominated by the traditional crossover classics. In the spotlight:

GMC Terrain 2022.

• the sharp edge of the spoiler lip shading the rear glazing;
• interesting design and exclusive graphics of lamps;
• Convex tailgate decorated with brand symbols, decorative trim and a variety of reliefs.

The lower segment of the stern is decorated in the same style, consisting of a decorative bumper strip, a set of fog lamps and a small-sized body kit with two cutouts for the exit of large-caliber exhaust pipes.

Despite the external solidity and massiveness, the new version of the GMC Terrain 2022 crossover looks stylish and elegant.


The main advantages of the five-seater saloon are the premium quality of finishing materials, the reference ergonomics of the seats, and the high operational potential of technical and electronic equipment.

• In the upper sector of the four-spoke multifunction steering wheel with two blocks of command buttons, the scoreboard of a standard analog or top-end virtual-digital instrument fits perfectly.
• The central three-tier console includes a block structure of vertical deflectors and an 8-inch diagonal of the touch-sensitive media-command display.
• In the lower part of the dashboard there are compact consoles responsible for activating functional and most of the comfort-forming standard options.

The equipment of the central tunnel, supplemented with a refrigerator and a comfortable armrest, expanded in relation to analogues, also offers heated cup holders and an expanded list of travel organizers.

GMC Terrain 2022.

The most comfortable and comfortable front row seats for their class are equipped with elements of full-fledged lumbar support, memory of several presets, ventilation and heating equipment.

The limited service functionality of the rear three-seater sofa is compensated by the backrest tilt and the presence of an armrest built into the center seat.

If it is necessary to transport oversized monoblock cargo, the volume of the 838-liter luggage compartment can be increased to 1785 liters by laying the backs of the rear seats in the floor recess.


In the new generation, the dimensions of the crossover, originally implemented in proportional parameters of 4630 x 1839 and 1661 mm, were copied from the model of last year without significant changes.

As a base for the novelty, a universal GM D2XX modular «bogie» adapted to the design features of the front and all-wheel drive is used.

GMC Terrain 2022.

• The undercarriage with a base of 2725 mm and a ground clearance of 175 mm is characterized by a high level of road comfort of independent suspension of post-MacPherson and multi-link type, the presence of stabilizers, a complete set of disc brakes and reliable safety systems for long-term operation.

• The basic crossover is driven by a powerful tandem of a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine 170 hp / 275 N • m and a proprietary 9-band automatic transmission.

The test drive confirmed that the engine power is sufficient for towing a trailer with a carrying capacity of up to 1600 kg. The traction and speed potential of top-end engines is significantly higher.

Options and prices

The new 2022 GMC Terrain will be delivered to the domestic market in four versions. Depending on the perfection of the equipment and the level of comfort, the price of the crossover will vary from 26 to 31 thousand USD.

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