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Haval Dargo 2022.

Haval Dargo 2022.

Haval Dargo 2022.

Haval Dargo 2022 (Big Dog): a new SUV with a brutal design will soon be released in Russia.

Haval Dargo — under this name the Chinese from Great Wall will sell in Russia its SUV Haval Big Dog. This became known during the certification of the model, which in Russia began in the middle of August 2021.

It is likely that the new name should be consonant with Dagou, under which the car is sold in the Celestial Empire, and which in the Chinese transcription also translates as «big dog».

By the way, that’s how the new Haval Dargo 2022 model year suggested to call the fans of the Chinese brand who participated in specially organized for this voting on local WeChat.


Haval Dargo 2022 is an SUV with a body based on the latest L.E.M.O.N. platform.

The same «bogie» is used on the modern version of the Naval H6, and technically the novelty is this crossover is the most related to the car.

Serious differences are noticeable only in the exterior, which was developed for Dargo/Dagou/Big Dog in such a way to endow the car with a special individuality.

Not quite standard for modern parkettes profile, expressive optics and massive unpainted dodger make a «big dog» car, which certainly will not refuse to «stroll» on off-road.

Moreover, optional crossovers with all-wheel drive, which will complement the basic front-wheel drive versions, will be offered with a locking rear differential.

Haval Dargo 2022.


Great Wall’s in-house automotive designer Phil Simmons once worked for Land Rover and Ford, and he clearly transferred his wealth of experience to the exterior of the «big dog.»

Muscular body, devoid of complex lines, gives SUV brutal exterior, but it successfully dilutes the original optics: in front — in the form of round LED lights, behind — in the form of boomerangs with a scattering of small LED-modules.

An interesting solution was the use of simple retro bumpers made of black unpainted plastic combined with modern sills and a pair of splitter-diffuser.

Haval Dargo also comes standard with front and rear fog lights, and massive rails can easily take the load of a large «expedition» luggage compartment.

Haval Dargo 2022.


As well as externally, there is light adventure-style in SUV’s interior. Nevertheless, such interior can not be called simple as there is a modern virtual dashboard, and large central display of non-standard shape, and stylish «climate» control panel.

Door cards with large handles, which are supplemented by one more, located in front passenger’s front, give interior’s originality. It is painted in bright orange, as well as elements of air ducts.

The same contrasting shade is stitching upholstery, and among the available colors may be a pattern of «khaki», which, as shown by the presentation, looks in such an SUV more than appropriate.

Haval Dargo 2022.

Technical features and specifications

Haval Dargo 2022 model year, intended for the Russian market, will be equipped with a 2.0-liter supercharged engine.

Its capacity has not yet been confirmed, but it should be in the range 200-211 hp The engine will be assisted by seven-speed «robot» with two clutches, and in our market, in contrast to the Chinese, will be delivered only all-wheel drive versions with a choice of driving modes through the assisting electronics.

In terms of equipment level Dargo 2022 model year will be at least equal to Haval H6, but what options will be at the disposal of Russian dealers, has not yet been officially reported.

Haval Dargo 2022.

Prices and release date in Russia

Start of sales of the Haval Dargo is scheduled for 2023, but it is likely that the first cars will arrive in Russia in 2022.

Deliveries of SUVs should be made from the Chinese Haval factory, located in Hebei province, and in the future the option of localizing the production of such cars in Tula is being considered.

The price of «big dog» will be somewhat higher than that of Chinese Dagou, which in its homeland is served for 1,3 million rubles equivalent.

By the way, about that much is asked today for the «top» version of the Haval H6.


At the Russian market the new off-road Khaval Dargo will compete with the following models:

Uaz Patriot (soon to be restyled);
Renault Duster 2nd generation; (prices: from 1 004 000 rubles)
Nissan Terrano; (prices: from 1,204,000 rubles)
Lada Niva Travel; (prices: from 796,900 roubles)
Volkswagen Taos; (prices: from 1 626 900 roubles)

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