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Haval Dargo 2023.

Haval Dargo 2023.

Haval Dargo 2023.

New Haval Dargo 2023 for Russia: an SUV that has no competitors left on the market.

As already mentioned, Hawal Dargo 2023, although it is a crossover, looks like a real brutal SUV.

By the way, in some markets the model is known as Big Dog, and in China it is known as DaGou or “big dog”.

This means that this cross belongs to a large crossover series of the Dog series, which appeared in China not so long ago. Dargo, like most of his brothers, has a new body.

A heavy-duty plastic body kit and skid plates front and rear indicate that the Dargo is ready to take on the off-road.

Round head optics also give a reference to the legendary SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as well as the UAZ Hunter.

This is clearly seen in the photos provided. Complete sets of cars differ not only in price, but also in technical characteristics.

In the interior, everything looks no less courageous and brutal, but at the same time, there are elements of manufacturability and luxury.

There’s even a passenger holder attached to the front panel, again making a kind of reference for those who have dealt with the G-Class or the Hunter.

At the same time, such technological details as a digital “tidy”, a tablet-type multimedia touch screen, a puck-shaped switch for changing driving modes and a small transmission selector can be noted.

Haval Dargo 2023.


Length — 4620 mm
Width — 1890 mm
Height — 1780 mm
Wheelbase — 2738 mm

In Russia, Haval Dargo 2023 is available in four trim levels.

Options at the time of this writing are called: Comfort, Elite, Premium and Tech Plus.

At the same time, they differ not only in the set of on-board equipment, but also in technical capabilities, so all configurations, except for the starting one, come only with all-wheel drive.

Haval Dargo 2023.

Technical specifications

Like most new crossovers from Haval, this one is built on the LEMON platform.

It is frameless, but quite suitable for creating crossovers with high cross-country ability.

At the same time, the manufacturer has already released a restyled SUV, but in Russia a version is available before restyling.

The overall dimensions of the body are 4620/1890 (1910)/1780 mm, these are the length, width and height, respectively. The wheelbase reaches 2737 mm.

Ground clearance of 200 mm is well suited for field trips on dirt roads. Both front and rear suspension is fully independent.

As for the power capabilities of the Haval Dargo 2023, they are determined by only one turbo-petrol engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters with the GW 4N20 index.

Haval Dargo 2023.

The output of the installation is 192 hp. and 320 N * m of torque.

This power is sent to front- or all-wheel drive via a 7-speed automatic transmission.

It is also worth noting that the all-wheel drive versions of the SUV have a choice of eight different driving modes.

If we consider other technical characteristics of the engine, then it is able to travel from 0 to 100 km / h in 10 seconds in all-wheel drive and in 9 seconds in front-wheel drive versions.

At the same time, regardless of the version, the maximum speed cannot exceed 180 km / h.

Haval Dargo 2023.

The average fuel consumption of 8.3 liters is about the same for both versions of the Dargo.

Now, as for the spaciousness. In the standard position, the luggage compartment of the Dargo can already show a decent volume result of 371 liters.

However, this figure is easily increased with the help of the rear seats folded in one touch, which results in a flat floor and 1404 liters of cargo space.

True, it is necessary to understand that the transported cargo should not exceed 340 kg, since the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer is exactly this figure, and this is taking into account the people in the cabin.

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