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Haval F7 2022.

Haval F7 2022.

Haval F7 2022.

Sales of the restyled Haval F7 and Haval F7x crossovers have started in the Russian market.

The update was made less than three years after its market launch, and in Russia the upgraded family appeared even earlier than in its native China!

The update touched on the exterior, interior and available equipment, but the technical part has not changed, and the prices have increased by 90-260 thousand rubles.

Crossovers Haval F7 and Haval F7x got new bumpers, other fog lights and wider meshed grille.

With the new trim overall length increased by 71 mm, to 4691 mm. Red is added to the modest body color palette.

The front fascia is changed for the new media system: the screen became larger (12.3 instead of 9 inches) and is now installed on top of it.

The system supports Apple CarPlay interface, and in April Android Auto will appear.

Cars produced before then will be able to undergo the update at official dealers.

There are also new decorative overlays and ventilation deflectors on the front panel.

Haval F7 2022.

Novelty is a dual-zone climate control, although the «base» is still a single-zone system.

Expanded the choice of interior trim colors: in addition to the black version, now there is a version with blue trim and beige inserts, and for coupe model F7x — with black trim and red accents.

For upholstery, not only fabric or leatherette is used, but also a combination of these materials.

New options — ventilation of the driver’s seat, parking assist and electric heating of the windshield (previously only the windshield wipers’ area was heated).

Haval F7 2022.

Finally, the volume of washer fluid tank is increased from 2.7 to 4.5 liters.

Power units are the same: gasoline turbo engines 1.5 (150 hp) and 2.0 (190 hp) paired with a seven-speed preselective «robot».

The combination of two-liter engine and front-wheel drive is excluded from the range, though the model F7 does not have it for more than a year.

Now the coupe-shaped Haval F7x with a 190-horsepower engine is offered only with all-wheel drive transmission.

Haval F7 2022.

Cars with the «younger» engine can be with front or all-wheel drive.

Set of options hasn’t changed, although their filling is corrected.

Earlier the surcharge for a coupe body was 50 thousand roubles, now it is 70 thousand roubles.

Base performance Comfort includes four airbags, ESP, media system, one-zone climate control, heated front seats and steering wheel, keyless entry system, button start the engine, cruise control, rear Parktronic, 17 inch wheels, light and rain sensors.

And these cars still do not have a curtain in the trunk: as before, it is only for more expensive variants.

The Elite version in addition has LED headlights, the combined upholstery, dual-zone climate control, electric driver’s seat, virtual instruments with seven-inch screen, rear view camera, electric windshield and rear seats.

Haval F7 2022.

The media system is complemented by a telematics module T-Box, which provides access to the Internet and remote connection through the My Haval app on a smartphone. And for the F7x model, 19-inch wheels have been added.

The Premium package includes safety curtains, panoramic sunroof, leather interior, driver’s seat with more adjustments and ventilation, all-around cameras, front parktronic and 19-inch wheels.

Finally, the version Tech Plus has a larger instrument panel (12.3 inches instead of 7.0), adaptive cruise control, auto parker, auto brake system and other electronic assistants.

Production of the updated crossovers at the Tula factory Haval is underway since January, so the cars have already started arriving to the dealer network.


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